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Dance New England – DNE

Sustaining the Creative Moments in Community Through Movement and Dance

Dance New England (DNE) is a creative collective of individuals who love to dance, as well as a consortium of cooperatively-run, not-for-profit freestyle barefoot dances in the New England area. The current member dances are: Dance Friday in Boston, Dance Spree in Northampton, the Barefoot Boogie in New York City, and the Freestyle Frolic of upstate New York. DNE members are also actively involved in creating and running other freestyle barefoot, cooperative dances in New England and elsewhere. Click here for a list of dances and links from both DNE member dances and non-DNE dances. DNE events include our annual summer camp, and a few weekends throughout the year hosted and produced by our member dances.

DNE Mission Statement

Dance New England brings together a community of member dances and dancers. We are united by our love of dance as an empowering community activity.

We believe that everyone can dance and that dance provides us with the opportunity to enrich ourselves and the greater community. We use dance as a medium to communicate and to demonstrate our unity. At Dance Camp and Weekends we come together to dance, express our caring, exchange ideas; and organize ways to communicate and understand each other.

We seek to explore ways to show our commitment to the acceptance of and respect for all people and cultures, the empowerment of children, and the acknowledgement that our bodies and our environment are sacred. We recognize the need for each of us to be able to safely express who we are and be acknowledged for the value of the contributions that each of us brings to this community. These include a cooperative spirit, interdependence, and sustainable volunteerism.

We recognize that how we accomplish our aim is important. Consensus decision-making, non-violent conflict resolution, collective work, personal responsibility, educational inreach and outreach, and flexibility in the face of the need to change are tenets of our organizational democracy. We believe that the conservation of our planet's resources and the fair distribution of the fruits of our labor and play create a positive example for the world.

DNE News, Announcements, and Events

DNE Summer Dance Camp 2016

Dance New England summer camp 2016 dates have been set. They are:

Thu Aug 18 – Sun Aug 28, 2016

Teacher's Committee Accepting Class Proposals for 2016

Once again the Teachers Committee is soliciting proposals for classes at our upcoming Dance New England Summer Camp 2016. You can find instructions for submitting proposals for classes here.

2016 DNE Spring Weekend: Cambridge, MA

April 8th-10th

3 Church St., Harvard Sq., Cambridge MA

3 Freestyle Dances Open to all:
Friday $10-15; Saturday $15-20, Sunday AM $10

Full weekend registration includes all 3 dances!

Register by 3/28/16 for early registration discount!

Click here to register (you will be redirected).
For complete Schedule & Class Descriptions

Weekend Highlights: 

Friday, April 8th Dance Friday 

8:00-Midnight: Critical Mass Drummers & DJ Dance

Saturday, April 9th

10:30-6:15pm: Opening Circle, Classes

6:30-8:00pm: DNE Dinner & Meeting*

8:30-Midnight: Dance! Stan Strickland—Live Music Dance, Guest DJs Hrana & Dave 

Sunday, April 10th 

10:00-12:00pm: I-Opener Dance (offsite 191 Highland Ave, Somerville at “The Armory”)

12:30–5:30 pm: Opening Circle, Classes & Closing Circle

DNE Email

If you'd like to receive email news from DNE (such as the confirmed dates for camp!), send email to

If you are a returning camper and want information on how to join our various community email lists or manage those you are already on, you can find instructions for managind DNE mailing lists here.

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