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Arriving at Camp

Please Note: No campers will be allowed on campus before 5:00pm on Thursday, August 17th, 2017, in order for our Set-Up Crew to finalize their amazing work in a short time period. Thank you for respecting this. If you have concerns regarding Accessibility & Inclusion, or very young children and need to arrive earlier, you may arrange to do so. Contact

Camp Map

Look over the Camp Map (PDF) before your arrival, especially newcomers. Your Orientation Booklet will also have a map. Please note that there may be changes after publication time and will be on the Large Map in the Dining Hall.

Arrival Times

Camp runs more smoothly if everyone cooperates with the arrival and departure times. There will be people to welcome new arrivals (WISH) at scheduled arrival times. These times are designed to ensure fairness and to minimize impact on volunteers and camp facilities. Arriving during the specified times is strongly recommended if this is your first time at Camp Robin Hood or at DNE.

Registration Option Arrival Times Registration Check-In Opening Circle & Orientation
First Four & All of camp Thu Aug 17
Thu Aug 17

Fri Aug 18
Fri Aug 18 10:00am
Opening Circle followed by Orientation, in the Theater
Last Six Nights Mon Aug 21
1pm if attending Community Meeting
else 5pm or later
Mon Aug 21

Community Meeting 1pm

Orientation to be scheduled.


Welcome, Information, Support, and Hugs - WISH volunteers are at the entry to Camp to greet you during scheduled arrival times and provide information about registration, parking, tenting, cabin space, etc.

Checking In

Everyone must check in with Registration upon arrival! No exceptions - we need to know who is on site. Check-in hours are subject to change; if the Registrar’s Office is closed upon your arrival, make sure you go during the next open hours.

Insurance Waiver and Release Form: Dance New England's liability insurance policy requires that we have everyone sign an insurance waiver - participants, staff, and parents/legal guardians of minor children. You will be asked to sign this waiver at check-in.

Parent/guardian: If you have not done health/permission forms and photo permissions online, you will need to your YPP/Teen forms at check-in. Unless we have your signed permission, we will not use recognizable images of you or your children in our publicity.

You will be asked to sign DNE's Safety Statement, as well as a photo release (to use your or your minor child's image in publicity [print and/or web]).

If you're going to be late or need to cancel, contact the Registrar

Chores & Takedown

After seeing the Registrar at Check In, proceed to the Dining Hall to sign up for your chore shifts and take down tasks.

We all work in order to build community, help keep camp running smoothly, and help camp continue to be economically affordable. Many chores tasks are in the kitchen. Other chores involve cleaning the common areas throughout camp.

Parents of very young children will be able to complete half of their chores in childcare. Work Exchange folks are still responsible for chores, so please consider your chore hour requirements when you sign up for work exchange hours. Chores table hours will be posted at Camp.

Everyone is required to sign up for a Take Down task. Our final major community activity at Camp is Take Down. This Breaking of Camp is traditionally a time of energetic, joyous community teamwork. Even if you’re leaving before the end of camp, there are ways for you to participate in putting camp away for next year. If you are leaving before end of camp, we still need your help!

If you registered for three or more days you are required to sign-up for a 2 hour take down task, in addition to Chores. Take Down is encouraged but optional for setup volunteers, and single parents with children under 5 years of age. Committee heads and Coordinators may work on their committee areas for Take Down.

There are work exchange Take Down positions for some work which requires much more than 2 hours. To apply, contact

There will be more information in the OBook on Chores and Take Down. If you have any questions, physical restrictions, or concerns please e-mail or

OBook (Orientation Book)

After you Check in, sign up for Chores, and sign up for Take Down, you'll receive your Orientation Book which contains information on classes, teachers, events, the full schedule, and a map of the camp.

There is a plethora of information at your fingertips within the OBook. Read it!

Settling In


Approximately half our Camp population stays in the cabins, with many tenting. It is wise to bring a tent even if you plan to cabin, just in case. Cabin beds are limited and not guaranteed.


Camp Robin Hood has cabins which have 15 - 25 beds each, and beds are not assigned or guaranteed: you choose your sleeping space when you arrive at camp. There will be a sign-up on the outside of each cabin - fill in your name and your duration of stay, so others will be able to determine if the cabin has open beds. Some cabins have no showers, some have multiple showers, and some showers are separate from cabins. Look for the “Sh” on the map for Showers. Tenters have the use of the bathrooms and showers.

Cabin designations may change, be sure to check signage on the cabin.

Sleeping Cabins>

  • Regular sleeping cabins: 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18
  • Family cabin: 15; the family cabin will undoubtedly have babies and toddlers who will nap during the day and cry at night.
  • Teacher's' Cabin: #19.
  • Accessibility & Inclusion: Cabin 20 (only for those who have contacted A&I and have made arrangements).

Program cabins

  • Teen Programming: Cabin 10.
  • Young People’s Program: Cabins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Store: Below Dining Hall
  • Fee for Service: Cabin 7 and right half of 6
  • Body Temple: left half of Cabin 6

Noise at night: There are activities which produce late-night noise at Dance Camp! Check the schedule and map before setting up home if you want (relative) quiet at night! Whenever you enter a cabin, step lightly - please be mindful of napping campers, day and night!

Women’s-Only Showers: The showers on the end of Cabin 14 are women’s-only showers, provided because it was requested!

Cabin Space for New Campers

A certain number of spaces in each cabin will be reserved for first time campers. Returning Campers can help welcome new people by honoring these new restrictions on a few beds in each cabin. See more below.

Reserving Cabin Space

Please do not save beds for people unless you are SURE they will be arriving within 24 hours. If someone says that a bed is reserved for someone that isn't yet at camp, see if you can find another one. If you need further assistance finding a bed, please see WISH or Leadership On Call (whose photo and name you’ll find on the Bulletin Board in the Dining Hall).


There is plenty of tenting space both in field sites and wooded sites.

  • You may not take a cabin bed if you are tenting
  • There is no camping on docks, near the shore, or in the paths.
  • Due to New Hampshire ordinance, and the need to take care of mother earth, tents are not allowed within 150 feet of the lakeshore. Camp Robin Hood also requests no tenting within sight of water or abutting neighbors, please abide by their request.
  • Please do not set up your tent on or near walking paths, and be sure to avoid having your tent cords on walking paths. People may trip on the cords, which may bring down your tent and cause them, and you, injury.
  • When possible, flag your tie-downs to keep them visible.
  • If you stray too far from the center of camp you may be trespassing on private property, and you will need to move.

Opening Circle and Orientation

Opening Circle and Orientation, highly recommended for everyone, is scheduled for Thursday, August 18th at 7:00pm. Join us to connect with community and share in the official opening of this year’s camp. Find out about new delights and more about what Camp has to offer you! Please read your Orientation Book (which you will receive at Chores sign-up), even if you have been to camp before. It has detailed information about changes at camp.

Vehicles and Parking

There is one entrance in, which is also the exit out of camp. The road splits into a one-way loop through camp.

  • Parking is only allowed in areas designated with signage
  • Parking is prohibited throughout many areas of camp, even if there’s no sign telling you so!
  • All vehicles at camp must have a parking permit displayed on their dash, available from WISH or the Registration office.
  • Vehicles parked outside of approved areas could receive a written warning and then, if not moved in a timely fashion, a $25 fine.

When arriving - follow the traffic flow! Proceed to a parking space immediately after unloading baggage and passengers. No vehicles are allowed to linger in camp. Don’t block access to the roadways or cabins, even for a very brief time.

Only emergency vehicles or specially-permitted vehicles will be allowed to stay on camp in designated spots. You must contact Steve Robins, by August 5th for permission.

Vehicle Campers: For Trailers/RVs/Vans: Permission must be obtained prior to your arrival from Steve Robins, Camp Coordinator. Please note, there are no utility hookups available for your camper.

Emergency-Only Contact

We have a cellphone, for emergency-ONLY use, +1(207)210-4192 which will be carried by the Camp Coordinator, Leadership On Call, or the Registrar. Please note that it is a temporary line, and is available only during the month of August.

Camp Mailing Address

Camper’s name c/o Dance New England 65 Robin Hood Lane Freedom, NH 03836-4541

Please be aware that we are not responsible for mail that arrives before camp starts, nor after we have left camp; use this address only if you are certain your letter or package will arrive during camp.

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