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Before Camp

What to Pack

Some suggestions and reminders on what you might want to bring, and some things you definitely shouldn't bring:

Label everything you bring: shoes, towels, clothing, flashlights, musical instruments, sunglasses, books, water bottles, everything! Check the Lost & Found regularly. DNE takes no responsibility for items left behind.

  • Tents: Cabin beds are limited and not guaranteed. Waterproof tent with sealant, ground cloth and tarp. It rains! Come prepared for some damp days. See Accommodations
  • Bedding: Sleeping bag or bedding, and pillow. It gets cold in New Hampshire at night in August so come prepared!
  • Clothing: Bathing suits, walking shoes, rain gear, layers of warm clothing for cool evenings, kneepads, dress-up outfits for themed boogies - think glittery, animalistic, playful, and/or ridiculous! Closed-toed shoes for kitchen & dining hall chores / work exchange are required.
  • Personal Care: soap, shampoo, deodorant, towels, earplugs, sunscreen, insect repellent, special diet foods (see the food section). Please be mindful - some of us are very chemically sensitive to fragrances.
  • Miscellany: Daypack, flashlights, extra batteries, money for goods and services at camp, writing and art supplies, toys, games, yoga mats, water bottle. Sporting equipment (there are basketball and tennis courts). Low-wattage faerie-twinkle lights, scatter rugs, fabrics to beautify cabins.
  • Personal Food: If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, please bring supplemental food. There will be (extremely) limited refrigerator space, and microwaves for camper use. Label and date your food! Please do not put whole coolers or insulated bags into the fridges! Don’t store food in tents or cabins so as to not attract wildlife.
  • Cameras: We love seeing photos of camp, it helps to relive fond memories. However, photography of people is prohibited without the clear, freely-given consent of all subjects in the frame.
  • Bicycles: We suggest you bring your bicycle if you can! Motor vehicle use is prohibited on camp except for during arrival/departure. We recommend you wear a helmet, children especially. The roads at camp are unpaved, and some are quite rough. As safe as you may feel in a car-free environment, accidents can, will, and have happened.
  • Musical Instruments: Bring 'em! Music happens everywhere. And Drums! There will be evening drum and dance circles. Everyone is welcome. If you are interested in helping organize, email and attend a meeting at camp.
  • For Classes: If you are planning on taking any of the Tantra, Personal Growth or Racism classes, please bring a back jack, meditation cushion, yoga bolster or anything else that helps you sit on the floor for extended periods.

Please, do NOT bring drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or pets.


DNE cannot guarantee the security of personal belongings. Please don't bring unnecessary valuables. If you bring a laptop, smartphone, or any other portable computing device, etching your name on it may help it find its way back to you. There have been occasional instances of theft at camp, so think carefully about what you bring and where you keep cash and valuables.


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