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Registering For Camp

Dance New England is so much more than a drop-in and drop-out festival. We encourage folks to sink in, dive into, form connection, to DNE, to the land, to people, to the music. If you haven't joined us before, there's so much to see, hear, and learn about our community. Even if you have been with us before, it takes some time to shake off the dust of the road, to switch gears from the rest of your life in order to drink in what is here for you.

We've developed distinct blocks of time that best sustain the container that is DNE Camp. These blocks of time, registration options, help facilitate optimal opportunity for a satisfying and nourishing Camp experience.

We offer three registration options in which to have the maximum enjoyment of your time in community! - The first four nights - The last six nights - THE WHOLE 10-NIGHT THING!

Registration fees are on a sliding scale, to create accessibility and to honor choices and personal circumstances. Your registration is not a ticket and can not be transferred or substituted even if you are part of the same family.

Please read through all of this page before registering.

Register Now

Download a PDF registration form for printing

DNE provides various opportunities through its Work Exchange/Scholarship Program to reduce camp fees, which are intended for those who could not otherwise afford camp! What is Work Exchange??

August 2017
First 4 nights
Arrive after 5:00pm Thursday;
depart by 5:00pm Monday
Last 6 nights
Arrive after 5:00pm Monday — end of camp, Sunday
Full 10 nights
Arrive after 5:00pm Thursday — end of camp, Sunday

Wait Listing

We encourage everyone to register early as we fill up each year. You can be added to a waitlist if your preferred registration option is full.

Wait listing is not automatic; select YES on the registration form if you would like to be put on a wait list for your preferred attendance choices.

If your first choice is not available, your deposit will be applied to your second or third choice.

Balances, Deposits, and Refunds

Deposits must accompany your registration. No registration is processed without an accompanying deposit.

  • for each adult, age 26 and above, $100 per individual
  • for each young adult, age 18-15, $75 per individual
  • for each minor child, $50 per individual

Deposits can be made via PayPal (link at the end of registration process) or check (Payable to DNE).

Balance is due by August 5. If you are applying for work exchange or scholarship, Please read the relevant section.

Registrations with outstanding balances are subject to cancellation starting August 3 to make room for wait-listed registrations; canceled registrations will be refunded 25% of their deposit, plus any amount paid over the deposit.

Any confirmed registrations with an outstanding balance by the start of camp (August 17) may be subject to an additional 5% late fee.


If you need to cancel your registration, contact the Registrar (email or call 347-559-5869 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EDT).

Cancellations requested by July 9 will have 50% of your deposit cheerfully refunded. (If you paid your whole camp fee, all but 50% the deposit amount will be refunded.) Deposits will not be refunded after July 9 unless your registration has been canceled to make space for a wait-listed registrant, in which case 25% will be refunded.

Work Exchange/Scholarship

Work exchange offers an opportunity for attendees to reduce the cost of their camp by reimbursing work done through the program at camp, at an hourly rate of $13.03 USD. Note: work exchange is a refund program; no one may earn credit in excess of their registration total.

To further reduce the cost of camp, scholarship is offered, in proportion to work exchange performed.

If interested, request work exchange (and scholarship) when registering. People are scheduled for work exchange only after completing a registration (paying a deposit) and having the registration processed. Register and apply early; positions fill up quickly and we have a limited number.

The Dining Hall and Kitchen are very essential parts of the "Dance Camp" experience. There are more opportunities for work exchange in these areas than any other at camp. If you would like to be part of our vital team, please contact Dawnomah at or 603-285-3230.

Campers doing work exchange are still expected to pay their full registration fees in advance. Resulting credit will be distributed at the end of camp, or mailed after camp.

For more information on work exchange / scholarship contact

Registration Changes

If you change your registration, your late fee will be adjusted using the fee schedule in effect on the date of the change - not the date of your original postmark.

Calculating your Fees

(Refer to this section while filling out the registration form)

The philosophy

Our goals are fairness, paying our bills, and simplicity. What follows is our current best effort at meeting these goals.

There are several ways of sharing the cost of a day at camp. Here are three possible ways:

  1. Equalize the dollar amount for each person. Each person would pay ~$85 per day.
  2. Equalize the % of income for each person. Each person would pay 1/4 of 1% of their income per day.
  3. Equalize the number of hours each person works to pay for camp. Each person would pay 5 hours of his/her earnings per day*.

Keeping the above in mind, you need to choose a daily fee. Look at the income chart below to determine your daily rate. (If you pool your income with others, add your incomes together and divide by the number of adults.)

What do we mean by "what you earn in one hour?" In calculating your hourly earning, include time you spend in preparation, accounting, phone work, etc. For example, if you earn $40 per hour to teach a class and you take an hour preparation time for each hour of paid work, your hourly rate is actually $20. 

Adult and Young Adult Daily Fees

Income Range

$0 - 25K

$25 - 45K

$45 - 65K

$65 - 85K


Adult Daily Fee Range

$75 - $107

$107 - $140

$140 - $173

$173 - $203

$203 - $236

18-25 Yr Old Daily Fee Range

$65 -$107

$107 - $140

$140 - $173

$173 - $203

$203 - $236

Young People's Daily Fees


Under 6 mos

6 mos - 12 y

13 - 17

13 - 17 no parent

Daily Fee






No one knows your life like you. We all have different needs and choices with our earning, spending, and day-to-day life. We pay by a sliding scale. However, there is no simple calculator to determine Camp rates for you that includes all the variables in your life.

Adjust your daily rate upward based on assets (owning property, having a trust fund or inherited wealth, a retirement plan, etc.) or downward based on responsibilities (healthcare, tuition, dependents, unusual losses, etc.).

Consider what Dance New England means to you - and others. Pay the amount you feel is appropriate. Please do not choose a fee below $75 ($65 for young adults) or less than what you earn in one hour, whichever is greater.

If you cannot afford $75 per day ($65 for young adults), please consider applying for Work Exchange & Scholarship so that you can join us.

Late Fees

Late Fees are incurred if your online registration is received after June 5 (or paper registration is postmarked after). Late fees are waived for those coming to camp for the first time.

Reminder of new policy: late fees will apply to staff starting July 11th

Fees increase by:

  • $25 after June 5
  • by $50 after July 5
  • by $75 after August 3.

The last late fee after August 3a is waived for young adults who are between 18 and 25.

Questions? Please consult our FAQs before contacting the Registrar.
To contact the Registrar, Samantha Armer, email, call 347-559-5869 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EDT, or send postal mail to PO Box 417, Leeds MA 01053-0417 USA.

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