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Frequently Asked Questions

Many, many questions are asked each year about camp. If, after reading this page you still have unanswered questions, contact the registrar. To contact the Registrar, Zsuzsi Gero, email, call (617) 830-1865 between 9:00am and 9:00pm EDT, or send postal mail to: PO Box #34, Roslindale, MA 02131

Registration Fees

A deposit MUST accompany a registration. If registering via postal mail, and there is no payment, your registration will be held until a payment has arrived, and the postmark date of the payment will determine your place regarding late fees and/or waiting list status.

There is no daily rate lower than $75 per day ($65 per day if you are between 18-25) regardless of how little you actually make. You can apply for work exchange (which pays $13.30/hr), for which you will probably miss some class time to accomplish your commitment.

Please note that fees increase after May 25, again after Jun 22, and again after Jul 18. (Late Fees: Postmarked or registered online after May 25: $25 / Jun 22: $50 / July 18: $75.) Late fees are waived for those coming to camp for the first time. The last late fee after July 18 is waived for young adults who are between 18 and 25.

Online Payments: PayPal

We have two online payment options: PayPal and Dwolla.

PayPal will deduct your payment from your account when you register. You can pay just your deposit, or your whole total, whichever you'd prefer.

PayPal charges for every transaction. For fairness, and for keeping DNE's costs as low as possible, each transaction fee needs to be covered by the camper. A simple fee of 2.5 percent will be added to your PayPal payment for camp, for whatever the amount is you are paying, from Membership renewal to all 10 nights of camp for a whole family. The online registration process will automatically calculate that for you.

It's pretty easy and quite secure to use PayPal. If you don't have an account with them already, you can create an account on the PayPal website.

PayPal pulls your payment from your credit/debit card or checking account right away.

Online Payments: Dwolla

You can also pay by online debit for your USA based checking account through Dwolla. Dwolla charges a small fee to Dance New England which is not passed on to dancers, so you can save the 2.5% Paypal fee if you use Dwolla.

When you click the Dwolla pay button, you will be sent to Dwolla’s login screen. If you are new to Dwolla, click the ‘Don’t have an account? Sign Up.’ link. Depending on your checking account, you may be able to make an instant payment or may need to confirm your checking account with micro-deposits, which will require your coming back to the login a few days later after you can confirm small deposits made to your checking account.

It is a bit more work to use Dwolla the first time you use it; if you have trouble you can ask the bookkeeper for help.

Why hasn't my check cleared?

Checks are processed in groups and may not be deposited for approximately three weeks after they have been received by the Registrar. The first batch usually won't clear before June 10th.

Can I mix and match days?

There are three standard options for attending camp. Dates are set out on the registration page.

Customized registrations are discouraged and cannot be guaranteed until sometime after July 20th. This means that you may not know until, at the earliest, July 21st whether you will be able to come exactly when you want. Camp has had a wait list most years, and therefore some customized registrations may not be approved. If you only write in customized dates you will be waitlisted automatically.

There is a charge for customizing your registration: the charge will equal 50% of one day. For example if your rate is $80, and you are asking for a customized registration option which equals 5 nights, your total (assuming no late fees): $80 x 5 = $400 + $40 = $440.


As long as you received an initial email after registering, rest assured, your registration was received. Confirmation that your registration has been processed and approved will be sent via email sometime after May 25th. Work Exchange and Scholarship DNE’s Work Exchange program offers refunds to attendees based on hours worked. DNE has some limited additional financial assistance for participants in the Work Exchange program.

See more information and how to apply on the Registering for Camp page

Camp is Full?!?

Some of the registration options may fill up. It doesn't matter whether you are tenting or planning to stay in a cabin, a full camp is a full camp.

The only person who can confirm camp is full is the Registrar. If camp is full (usually for a specific registration option) and you would like to attend, send in your registration as soon as possible. Wait list placement is determined by timestamp on online registrations or postmark date on mailed registration/deposits.

If your registration is for multiple people with different registration options, the whole registration is waitlisted until we can accommodate everyone.

It is not possible to accurately assess where you are on the waitlist as it a complex algorithm involving when you desire to attend, how many people are on the waitlist, cancellations, and the location of Pluto in the 7th house.

Offering to take more Chores will not affect your place on the waitlist.

Your check is not deposited until you are moved off the waitlist and are registered. Your PayPal deposit is collected when you pay online. Paying by check, if you cancel before you are registered we hold none of your money. If we cannot accommodate you, we hold none of your money.

Cancellations and Substitutions

If you inform the Registrar by June 25th that you can't attend you will get back half the deposit amount. If you paid in full you will get everything but 50% of your deposit returned.

If you cancel after June 25th nothing is returned except under extraordinary circumstances and you must write to the Registrar and she will forward your request if appropriate to the registration committee to take your case under advisement.

If you cancel, it doesn't mean a friend or family member can simply take your place. If you know someone is going to cancel it doesn't mean you now have a slot. See the wait list section for more details.

Substitutions are not permitted under any circumstance. Period. Really. Even if it's your partner, daughter, ex-in-law, whomever.

Interested in Teaching?

All our teachers have been hired, but if you really, really want to check please contact the Teachers' Committee at We have to tell you, really, all the teachers have been hired by the time you are reading this.

Free U is an opportunity for people in the DNE community to teach classes on a volunteer basis. It is an invitation to give something of value back to the community and also to share what you've been up to and what talents, experiences, arts, or areas of study you've been getting into. Free U slots for camp 2018 are Wednesday 8/8 and Saturday 8/11. If you are interested in teaching in one of the Free U slots, contact

Rides to Camp

Transportation information is posted here.

Camp Store/Fee for Service

If you're a bodyworker or other service provider (massage, reiki, tarot reader, face painter, etc.) and want to offer your time in exchange for money, please contact our Fee For Service coordinator at

We are still sorting out if there will be a camp store for 2018. If you have a question for the store for Camp 2018, or want to sell things in the camp store, please contact

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