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Life at Camp


When are meals served? Refer to the schedule. All food at camp is vegetarian, and organic ingredients are used when possible.

Breakfast and lunch are buffet-style. Dinner is when we gather in community together. There are also limited snacks available outside of scheduled meal times.

For those who indicate restrictions on their registration form, non-dairy, non-wheat, and simple vegan options are available at each meal. If you do not indicate any restrictions when registering; leave these special offerings for those who requested them, as they are made in limited quantities.

Campers are not permitted to cook their own food in the DNE kitchen, or anywhere else on camp - no exceptions. If you have special dietary needs you may store limited amounts of personal food items in the specially labeled refrigerators in the dining hall. All personal food and perishables must be clearly labeled (with your name and date of departure) and removed in a timely fashion. Do not put coolers or insulated bags in the fridges.

Always WASH YOUR HANDS when entering the dining hall and the kitchen! The most effective way of combating the spread of germs is regular, thorough, and repeated hand washing. In the kitchen everyone must wear close-toed shoes, and footwear is generally recommended in the Dining Hall. All kitchen workers (chores & staff alike) MUST wear closed-toe shoes, too; it's a policy to keep us all safe and healthy.

Staying Healthy

It is your personal responsibility to protect and love your DNE friends by staying home if you are sick, delaying arrival until you are completely well. Camp is crowded, and transmission of illness is rapid and difficult to prevent.

The emphasis at camp is on staying healthy. Washing hands is the best preventative measure for keeping healthy. Our policy of hand washing before entering the Dining Hall and every time you use a toilet or porta-potty has made a huge difference in our community's health! Please wash your hands in the sanitizing and rinse buckets provided outside the Dining Hall. Yes, it is (very dilute) bleach. Yes, it is worth it to keep our community healthy.

Bring your own supplies - medicinal items for allergies, personal emergencies, or specific needs, as our provisions are limited. With prior permission, they may be stored at the Wellness Center. Extra blankets & pillows that can be left at the Wellness Center would be appreciated. If you are sexually active, bring your own protection to reduce the risk of STD/STI or HIV infection. And don't forget your sunscreen!

A healthcare professional is available several hours each day to provide advice and assist with first aid. DNE provides a limited amount of first aid supplies. The Wellness Center is open 24 hours a day for basic first aid, recuperation from illness or injury, brewing tea for medicinal purposes and storing labeled medicinal items that need to be refrigerated.

Deer ticks and head lice: This is a deer tick area, please make sure to check for ticks at least every 24 hours during your camp time! Take ten minutes a day to check yourself and your children for ticks as well as lice. Vigilant care will protect us all. If you have questions, contact

Accessibility & Inclusion

Contact the Accessibility & Inclusion Committee if you have significant physical or cognitive disabilities for assistance in determining how you can contribute to and participate in dance camp. There are limits to how accommodating DNE summer camp can be, and camp attendance might not be a viable option for you. (Please note this committee does not work with dietary issues.)

Contact the coordinator at

Work Exchange

Please see Work Exchange or FAQs or information if you are planning to reduce your camp cost by working at camp.

Lost & Found

Every year, there is an enormous pile of belongings left behind. Please check the Lost & Found frequently, which is located in the Dining Hall. Please label EVERYTHING. DNE is not responsible for items left behind. Contact

Set Up

We will transform Camp Timber Trails into the magical space of DNE, for the 1st time this year! Participation requires a commitment to arriving early, working 16 hours prior to camp, and is by invitation only. We look for folks that have a fun, flexible and hard working spirit. Benefits are: set up hours count for volunteer hours, and you get to share the special closeness that comes from extra time working together in our special, spirited, loving, cooperative way with new and old friends. If you’re interested in finding out more about participating in set-up, contact


Camp Timber Trails is located on a beautiful private lake. Our waterfront can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun, but it can also be hazardous. Campers must obey the waterfront rules including the rules against swimming alone, etc. More detailed safety requirements will be posted at the waterfront and outlined in your Orientation Booklet.

Campers are able to use the waterfront while following the safety rules. DNE’s waterfront rules are as follows: Swimming hours are between 7am and 8:30pm, and only when a lifeguard is on duty. There is no night swimming permitted. Swimming may only occur when a lifeguard is present and on duty. Boats must be signed out with the boating lifeguard on duty and returned by 7pm. You are welcome to bring and use your own non-motor watercraft, i.e. canoe, kayak, or small sailboat. You must do so with personal flotation devices and still need to sign out and in with the waterfront staff. We need to be aware of your presence out on the water for your safety.

Please contact for more information about bringing your watercraft, or a lifeguard position.


Bring bathing suits, or not (!), towels, sarongs or other cover-up if you like, sun hats, sunscreen, and footwear. All swimming and waterfront use is at the user's risk.


In previous years we have had a camp store where vendors sell art, clothing, supplies, and more. We are still sorting out if there will be a camp store for 2018. If you have a question for the store for Camp 2018, or want to sell things in the camp store, please contact

Fee for Service

Fee for Service refers to campers who offer body/mind services (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, counselling, etc.) at Camp for a fee. A poster in the Dining Hall provides information posted by each bodyworker, along with instructions to set up an appointment. The services are performed in the Healing Arts Cabin. Must be an up-to-date DNE Member, and 10% tithe is required for the DNE scholarship fund.

If you're interested in offering services at camp, contact the coordinator at

Internet Access

There is currently no broadband internet at CTT. While we are planning on setting up some limited shared access WiFi, if you rely on internet at camp you should bring your own hotspot. Verizon has the best data coverage.

Tolland’s Public Library has DSL WiFi and three public access computers. They have DSL wireless all the time. So even if they’re not open, sit in your car or at the picnic table and enjoy. 22 Clubhouse Road, Tolland, MA 01034 413-258-4201 - Direct Line

Nearby Supplies and Laundry

There is no laundry facility available at Camp. Here are some laundromats; all are some distance away: Spin Cycle, 515 College Hwy, Southwick, MA 01077 - 20 miles Laundry 101, 180 Holabird Ave, Winsted, CT 06098 - 16 miles Stay & Play Laundromat, 65 Franklin St, Westfield, MA 01085 - 22 miles

Pharmacies closest to Camp Timber Trails are in Great Barrington (Rite Aid, CVS, Big Y, Price Chopper) and Westfield MA (Rite Aid, CVS, Big Y, Walgreens, Stop & Shop).

Big Y Express Convenience Store, Open 24 hours, gasoline 320 Housatonic St., Lee MA (413) 642-9127

Circle K Convenience Store, gasoline, ATM 1400 Russell Rd., Westfield MA (413) 568-1786

Cumberland Farms Convenience, gasoline, ATM, propane, open 24 hours 140 Main St, Great Barrington, MA (413) 528-2105

Papa's Healthy Food & Fuel Convenience Store 2000 E Otis Rd., East Otis MA (413) 269-7779

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