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Arriving at Camp

Arrival at Camp

Dance Camp opens to the community at 1pm on Wednesday, August 7.

You’ve made it to camp! Order of settling in:

  1. Check in with Registration, sign up for chores, and get your wristband!
  2. Find your lodging or camp site - unload your belongings quickly
  3. Park your car in the designated parking area
  4. Walk the grounds, explore, and greet new and old friends!

Arrival and Registration/Check-In Schedule

Please arrive at designated times to ensure easy registration, check-in, and chores sign up. The WISH crew will only be there at these times to greet and help orient. If you have accessibility concerns and need to arrange a different arrival time, please contact

Arriving at Camp - Dance New England Summer Camp 2018
Arrival Day & Length of Stay Arrival Times Registration/ Check-In Times Opening Circle & Orientation
First Four & All of camp Wed Aug 7

Thur Aug 8
Wed Aug 7
Thu Aug 7
Fri & Sat TBA at camp
Hours subject to change
Wed Aug 7 7:15pm
There will be afternoon walking tours Wed Aug 7
Last Seven Nights Sun Aug 11 1:00-6:00pm Sunday Aug 11
Monday Aug 12

Community Meeting 1:00pm Sun Aug 11

Orientation to be scheduled.

Camp Map

Click here to access the camp map. Your Orientation Booklet (“Obook”) will also include a map and there will be a large map in the Dining Hall.


This crew is here to Welcome, Inform, Support, and Hug! WISH volunteers are at the entry to Dance Camp greeting you, only during scheduled arrival times. They provide information about registration, parking, tenting, cabin space, etc.

Checking In

Everyone must check in with Registration upon arrival! If the Registrar’s Office is closed upon your arrival, please make sure you go during the next open hours. Check-in hours are subject to change.

At Registration, you will:

  • Confirm registration and pay any late fees.
  • Receive a wristband for getting into the Dining Hall for dinner.
  • Sign up for your chore shifts.
  • Sign up for a Takedown chore. Even if you’re leaving before the end of camp, you can still participate in putting camp away for next year.

Chores are different from work exchange and volunteer positions. Every camper is required to do chores.

Chore Philosophy

We all work in order to build community, help keep camp running smoothly, and keep camp affordable. Many chores are in the kitchen. Others involve cleaning common areas or helping camp systems run smoothly.

Want more info?

Contact or for any questions, including concerns about restrictions/disabilities.

OBook (Orientation Book)

After you check in, sign up for chores, and takedown, you'll receive your Orientation Book which contains information on classes, teachers, events, the full schedule, and a map of the camp.

There is a plethora of information at your fingertips within the OBook. Please read it, as it has new and essential information every year!

Insurance Waiver and Release Form

Dance New England's liability insurance policy requires that we have everyone sign an insurance waiver - participants, staff, and parents/legal guardians of minor children. If you did not complete this form as part of your online registration, you will be asked to sign this waiver at check-in.

Parent/guardian: If you have not done health/permission forms and photo permissions online, you will need to complete your YPP/Teen forms at check-in. Unless we have your signed permission, we will not use recognizable images of you or your children in our publicity.

You will be asked to sign DNE's Safety Statement, as well as a photo release (to use your or your minor child's image for DNE publicity purposes)


Parking is only allowed in the designated parking areas. Parking is prohibited throughout all of camp. All vehicles at camp must have a parking permit displayed on their dash, available from WISH or the Registration office.

Vehicles parked outside of approved areas could receive a written warning and, if not moved in a timely fashion, a $25 fine.

Only emergency vehicles or specially-permitted vehicles will be allowed to stay on camp in designated spots. You must contact Camp Coordinator Kelly Bitov - - by July 20 for permission. For Trailers/RVs/Vans: Permission must be obtained prior to your arrival from Kelly Bitov, Camp Coordinator. Please note: there are no utility hookups available for campers.

Emergency-Only Contact

We have a cell phone, for emergency-use only, (413)-342-0148 which will be carried by the Camp Coordinator or the Leadership On Call.

Registration Option Arrival Times Registration Check-In Opening Circle & Orientation
First Four & All of camp Wed Aug 1

Thur Aug 2
Wed Aug 1
Thu Aug 2
Fri & Sat TBA at camp
Hours subject to change
Wed Aug 1 7:15pm
There will be afternoon walking tours Wed Aug 1
Last Seven Nights Sun Aug 5 1:00-6:00pm Sunday Aug 5
Monday Aug 6

Community Meeting 1:00pm Sun Aug 5

Orientation to be scheduled.

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