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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read all the FAQs before emailing about further information.


Can I customized my registration days?

We encourage all campers to come during the three registration options (4 nights, 7 nights, 11 nights) as listed on the registration page. If you would like to request a customized registration other than the standard options, email a request to the Registration Committee at You may also submit a customized second choice option on the registration form.

There is a customization fee of 50% of your daily rate for each individual.

Customization requests submitted by July 10 will be notified of their status by July 15. Requests received after July 10 will be notified on a rolling basis.

Please note that there are no customization options that are one day less than a standard option. We do not offer day drop-in options.

Can I make changes to my registration?

If you need to change your registration, contact Gary the Registrar ( Please note that there is a processing fee for each change.

What is your cancellations & refund policy?

Registrations are not transferable.

Your registration deposit is non-refundable ($100 for adults; $75 for 18-25; $50 for under 18).

If you need to cancel your registration, contact Gary the Registrar:

Phone: (413)200-8058

Why hasn't my check cleared?

Checks are processed in groups and may not be deposited for approximately three weeks after they have been received by the Registrar. The first batch usually won't clear before June 10.

What are my payment options?

PayPal or Check

PayPal will deduct your payment from your account when you register. You can pay just your deposit , or your whole total, or half and the other half later, whichever you'd prefer.

PayPal charges for every transaction. For fairness, and for keeping DNE's costs as low as possible, each transaction fee needs to be covered by the camper. A simple fee of 2.5 percent will be added to your PayPal payment for camp, for whatever the amount is you are paying, from Membership renewal to all 11 nights of camp for a whole family. The online registration process will automatically calculate that for you.

It's pretty easy and quite secure to use PayPal. If you don't have an account with them already, you can create an account on the PayPal website.

PayPal pulls your payment from your credit/debit card or checking account right away.

Note that our electronic check option with Dwolla is no longer available.In recognition of the cost we will waive paypal fees for any registrations paid in full by Paypal by the 1st cutoff date, June 10th.


Please mail checks to Dance New England, PO Box 614, East Falmouth MA 02536

Is there a registration waitlist?

In the event that a camp registration option fills up, we will have a waitlist for those options. Wait listing is not automatic; select YES on the registration form if you would like to be put on a waitlist for your preferred attendance choices. Wait list placement is determined by timestamp on online registrations or postmark date on mailed registration.

Does camp fill up?

Some of the registration options may fill up. It doesn't matter whether you are tenting or planning to stay in a cabin, a full camp is a full camp.

Still have registration questions?

Contact Gary the registrar: Email: Phone: (413)200-8058 between 9:00am and 9:00pm EDT, Postal mail: Dance New England, PO Box 614, East Falmouth MA 02536

Accommodation & Facilities

Where can I tent?

There are so many places to tent at Camp Timber Trails! You can tent anywhere except for the following spaces:

  • There is no tenting within 100 feet of the lake.
  • The field near the Barefoot Ballroom (there is a leach field there).
  • Close to the Ranger’s Cabin (private caretaker’s space).
  • In the parking lots.
  • Close to the maintenance/Morton building area.
  • There is no camping on docks, near the shore, or in the paths.
  • Tenting in the big field is permitted ONLY with stakes that are 5 or less inches (leach field).
  • Do not set up your tent on or near walking paths, and be sure to avoid having your tent cords on walking paths. People may trip on the cords, which may bring down your tent and cause them, and you, injury. When possible, flag your tie-downs to keep them visible.

Please do not take a cabin bed if you are tenting. Leave cabin mattresses in the cabins. Do not bring cabin mattresses into tents.

How do I get around Camp?

Walking: The landscape and trees are beautiful and you can enjoy it at your own pace. The distances are anywhere from 5-15 minute walk between various buildings and the waterfront.

Dancing: Stride with intention everywhere you go around camp.

Bicycling: Bikes are a great way to get around campus. So, if you have one, bring it with you! Helmets are mandatory. The roads at camp are unpaved, hilly, and many are quite rough. As safe as you may feel in a car-free environment, bike accidents happen so please trust your own ability. Ride carefully!

Golf Carts: There is a golf cart shuttle system that is run by volunteers to help shorten the distances around camp and to accommodate those with mobility issues. Please see the OBook for more information.

What support is there for for special dietary needs?

For those who indicate restrictions on their registration form, we have non-dairy, non-wheat, and simple vegan options available at each meal. If you do not indicate any restrictions when registering, please leave these special offerings for those who requested them, as they are made in limited quantities.

To address your special dietary needs, you may store limited amounts of personal food items in the designated refrigerators in the dining hall. All personal food and perishables must be clearly labeled (with your name and departure date) and removed in a timely fashion. There is not room for coolers/insulated bags in the fridge.

Can I cook my own food?

No. You are not permitted to cook your own food in the camp kitchen, nor anywhere else at Camp. Camping stoves are strictly prohibited.

Is there Internet?

There is currently no broadband internet at CTT. Please bring your own hotspot. Verizon has the best data coverage.

Is Camp Timber Trails accessible?

If you have mobility issues, we will do our best to support your participation in dance camp. We will work with you to evaluate our ability to accommodate your needs and answer any questions or concerns. We ask all campers to participate in the chore program as best as possible. Dance Camp is not a fully accessible event, primarily due to our rural location. Note: this committee does not work with dietary issues. Contact the coordinator at

General FAQ

Will there be a Camp Store?

In previous years we have had a camp store where vendors sell art, clothing, supplies, and more. We are still sorting out if there will be a camp store for 2019. Please contact with any questions.

Healing Arts at Camp: “Fee for Service”

“Fee for Service” refers to campers who offer body/mind services (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, counselling, etc.) at Camp for a fee. A poster in the Dining Hall provides information posted by each bodyworker, along with instructions to set up an appointment. The services are performed in the Healing Arts Cabin. Must be an up-to-date DNE Member, and 10% tithe is required for the DNE scholarship fund. If you're interested in offering services at camp, contact the coordinator at

Can I be part of Setup?

Want to part of the setup crew? Participation requires arriving early and working a full sixteen hours prior to camp. We invite folks that have a fun, flexible and hard working spirit. Benefits include: volunteer hours completed before Camp, sharing that special closeness that comes from extra time working together. This is a special, spirited, cooperative crew, with new and old friends. To find out more about participating in set-up, contact

Is there a Lost & Found?

Every year, many items are left at camp. Please check the Lost & Found, which is located in the Dining Hall, frequently. Label everything, especially things that are important to you. DNE is not responsible for items left behind. Contact

Can I teach a class?

All our teachers have been hired, but if you really, really want to check please contact the Teachers' Committee at We have to tell you, really, all the teachers have been hired by the time you are reading this. Feel free to contact FreeU or Community Offerings to share your skills with the community!

What is Free U?

Free U is an opportunity for people in the DNE community to teach classes on a volunteer basis. It is an invitation to give something of value back to the community and also to share what you've been up to and what talents, experiences, arts, or areas of study you've been getting into. Free U slots for camp 2019 are Wednesday 8/14 and Friday 8/16. If you are interested in teaching in one of the Free U slots, contact

What is Community Offerings?

Community offerings is new for Dance Camp 2019. It’s like FreeU in that it’s volunteer run, but the events are at night in the Lodge in the 9:00-11:00pm slot. Offerings may include: dance documentaries, live music, rituals/ceremonies, and class topics that outside the scope of the daytime class program. If you are interested in teaching in one of the Community Offerings slots, contact

Can I do Laundry?

There are no laundry facilities available at Camp. Some campers wash clothes by hand.

Closest Laundromats:

  • Spin Cycle, 515 College Hwy, Southwick, MA 01077 - 20 miles
  • Laundry 101, 180 Holabird Ave, Winsted, CT 06098 - 16 miles
  • Stay & Play Laundromat, 65 Franklin St, Westfield, MA 01085 - 22 miles

What stores are in the area?

Pharmacies closest to Camp Timber Trails are:

Great Barrington (Rite Aid, CVS, Big Y, Price Chopper) Westfield MA (Rite Aid, CVS, Big Y, Walgreens, Stop & Shop).

Big Y Express Convenience Store, Open 24 hours, gasoline 320 Housatonic St., Lee MA (413) 642-9127)

Circle K Convenience Store, gasoline, ATM 1400 Russell Rd., Westfield MA (413) 568-1786

Cumberland Farms Convenience, gasoline, ATM, propane, open 24 hours 140 Main St, Great Barrington, MA (413) 528-2105

Papa's Healthy Food & Fuel Convenience Store 2000 E Otis Rd., East Otis MA (413) 269-7779

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