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Camp Registration

Join us this summer for DNE’s 40th Annual Dance Camp on 417 beautiful acres nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires!

You can almost smell the fresh air... Feel the smiles and hugs of new and familiar faces… Your feet are starting to move... but first, registration!!

Our registration structure is designed to keep camp as accessible as possible. All programming, meals, and lodging are included.

Please read through all of this page before registering.

Register Now

Registration Overview

  • Register together if you are a parent/guardian with minors or a family arriving together. Otherwise register separately
  • Choose a stay of four, seven, or all eleven days
  • Figure your daily rate using the sliding scale
  • Choose options, including: lodging, membership, work exchange/scholarship
  • Pay non-refundable deposit or pay in full to complete your registration
  • Pay in full by July 20th

How Many Days to Stay

Dance Camp has a rhythm, spirit, and culture, which calls for immersion over a stretch of days. We have three attendance options to maintain the container of the event and sustain positive, connected experiences.

August 2019
First 4 nights Last 7 nights
Full 11 nights

Camp Daily Rates

Camp Daily Rates

This year we have adjusted our daily rates to reflect what those with incomes up to $27K are able to afford and what we expect to receive from those who are able to pay more. We intend this change to align our suggested daily rates with what people are actually able to pay.

Our sliding scale is intended to ensure that all attendees are paying the same labor-hours. We intend this change to align our suggested daily rates with what people are actually able to pay.

Our fees are on a sliding scale to create accessibility and honor personal circumstances. This fee structure was devised based on our philosophy of inclusivity. The heart of our payment system is still the same:

  • An honor system of self reporting.
  • A sliding scale on the registration page to find your daily rate.
  • A daily rate based on your yearly income as well as your hourly income.
  • Adjustments to your daily rate which suit each person’s unique circumstances
  • Adults making under $27K a year are asked to pay the minimum $75 daily rate. If you make over $27K we ask you to increase your daily rate by $2 per additional $1K of income.
  • If you cannot afford $75/day, work exchange opportunities and scholarships are available.
  • There is no calculator to determine a camp rate that includes all the variables of life. Consider what Dance New England means to you. We ask that you adjust your daily rate upward based on assets (such as owning property, inheritance, investments, or other forms of privilege), or downward based on responsibilities (such as healthcare, tuition, dependents, or unusual circumstances). As others may not have the same means to pay that you do, we ask you that you pay the highest rate that you can afford.
  • Please pay at least what you paid last year if your circumstances are the same.

Adult and Young Adult Daily Fees

Income Range

Under $27K

$27 - 50K

$75 - 100K

$100 - 150K


Adult Daily Fee Range


$75 - $122

$122 - $174

$174 - $226

$226 - $329

18-25 Yr Old Daily Fee Range


$65 - $122

$122 - $174

$174 - $226

$226 - $329

Young People's Daily Fees


Under 6 mos

6 mos - 12 y

13 - 17

13 - 17 no parent

Daily Fee






A non-refundable deposit must accompany your registration

  • Adults (ages 26+) $100
  • Young adults (ages 18-25) $75
  • Children (2-18) $50
  • Under 2 no deposit is necessary

Payment methods

  • PayPal: there will be a link at the end of the registration page
  • Credit/Debit Card: you can your credit/debit card through PayPal (even without a PayPal account)
  • Check mailed and payable to Dance New England

Registrations submitted after July 15th must pay in full

Late Fees

  • Fees increase by $25 after June 10, and by $50 after July 10 (flat fee per person per registration).
  • Late fees will apply to staff starting June 20.
  • Late fees are waived for first time campers.

Balances are due in full by July 20th.

A late payment fee of 5% of the outstanding balance will be added to all registrations not paid in full by the end of the first day of camp. We accept only cash and check payments on-site at camp.


Please consult our FAQs before contacting the Registrar. Still have questions? Contact Gary the Registrar, by email at, by phone at (413) 200-8058, or send postal mail to Dance New England, PO Box 614, East Falmouth, MA 02536

For more information and registration options, check our FAQ about:

  • Customization requests: apply to stay for a different days than standard options
  • Registration changes
  • Cancellations and refunds
  • Work exchange/scholarship policies

Customized Registration Request

We strive to have all campers come during the three registration options (4 nights, 7 nights, 11 nights).

If you would like to request a customized registration other than the standard options, email a request to the Registration Committee at You may also submit a customized second choice option on the registration form.

Requests for a customized registration may receive a response as soon as June 15th, and no later than July 15th. Requests received after July 10th will be processed and notified on a rolling basis.

Please note that there are no customization options that are one day less than a standard option. We do not offer day drop-in options.

Changing Registration days

If you need to change your registration contact Gary the registrar. Please note that there is a processing fee of $25 for each change.

Cancellations & Refunds

Your registration is not transferable.

Your registration deposit is non-refundable ($100 for adults; $75 for 18-25; $50 for under 18).

If you need to cancel your registration, contact Gary the Registrar (email:, phone: (413) 200-8058)


Commit to getting more involved with DNE! Become a member during the registration process.

Membership gives you a voting voice in Community Meeting, and is required to be a vendor in the camp store, provide “fee for service” healing arts work at camp, or serve on the Board of Directors. We encourage everyone to become a member in order to support the community, feel a sense of ownership, and get more involved.

Membership in DNE is open to anyone who:

  • Has attended one of our events (Dance Camp, a DNE weekend, or a sponsored member dance)
  • Accepts our Vision Statement
  • Meets membership responsibilities.

Each member has one voice in DNE decision-making.

Members are required to contribute both work and financial dues to DNE, voluntarily selecting a level of involvement appropriate to their situation and which reflects the needs of the community. The commitment is $15 - $25 and 15 volunteer hours annually.

For more information on Membership check out our Membership page

Work Exchange and Scholarship

DNE’s Work Exchange program offers refunds to attendees based on hours worked. For each hour worked, DNE will refund $13.55 from your paid registration, not to exceed your total registration fees. In addition some scholarships are given to those in the Work Exchange Program.

The kitchen/dining hall area is an important part of camp that requires a large number of campers for work exchange. If you are interested in working in that area and have related questions, please feel free to contact, Michael, our Dining Hall Manager directly at or call 207-653-9905.

If you’re interested in Work Exchange:

Once you’ve completed these steps, the Work Exchange coordinator will confirm that you have registered and share your information with relevant area coordinators.


If paying your balance in full prior to camp is a burden, or you have any other questions, contact Samantha at

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