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Travel to Camp

The best way to get to camp is together! Carpooling, ridesharing, and coordinating flights to arrive together are all great ways to support the environment and conserve limited parking for those who most need it. Please leave extra travel time so you can arrive during the day and within the official orientation hours.

Ride Share

Save money, gas, reduce carbon emissions, and make new friends by carpooling to Camp. Receiving, offering, or simply sharing a ride is a wonderful way to begin - or end - your Camp journey!

There is a Rideshare Board. Please email to get the link and instructions. If you can’t find a match on the Rideshare Board, regional rides coordinators will do their best to offer assistance matching cars with space with riders. If you are offering a ride, consider how much space you have in your vehicle, your gas costs, and whether you wish to have someone share the driving. Riding etiquette suggests anticipating your luggage needs and being ready to leave on time.


Boston Logan International Airport generally has the best flight availability, pricing, and carpooling options.

Driving times between these airports and Camp takes about:

Bus Service

There are no buses that will get you to Camp. There is no direct line between an airport and the Camp Timber Trails vicinity, nor is there a bus that stops close to Tolland, MA.

Train Service

Amtrak stations stop closest to Camp are in Springfield, MA and Hartford, CT.

Parking at Camp

Parking at Camp is limited. Please carpool if possible. All cars must be parked in designated spots.

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