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The DNE Teacher's Committee is Accepting Proposals for 2020

Deadline is March 15, 2020

Dear Teaching Artists,

As many of you know, Dance New England moved into our new beautiful home, Camp Timber Trails, two years ago. And once again the Teachers Committee is soliciting proposals for classes at this upcoming third DNE camp at Camp Timber Trails!

**** Camp Dates ****

Wed, Aug 5, 2020 - Sun, Aug 16, 2020

Note: While we are very excited about the new camp - Camp Timber Trails - we want to make sure teachers understand that it is significantly more rustic than our previous locations. Aside from those with accessibility needs, teachers and campers alike should expect to stay in small former girl scout cabins that don't have electricity or plumbing (with bathroom pods right nearby) or in personal tents. There is an outdoor shower house with hot water and limited indoor shower/bathroom facilities; there will be ample porta potties. The beautiful nature-filled campus is very spread out which means longer walks between locations and programming tents. Classes will be held in similar locations as in previous years - large tents with floors, an indoor theatre space with DNE's nice dance floor, a lodge equivalent and a very lovely, intimate Body Temple tent. There are NO gym mats but we now own yoga mats.

We are looking for teachers to fill teaching slots from Thursday the 6th through the afternoon of Sat the 15th.

Please read our description of what we pay, the class times and durations and categories here.

You can submit your class proposal by going online to:

Once you successfully submit a class proposal, you will automatically receive an email copy of the proposal with instructions on how to submit additional class proposals.

If you do not receive that email confirmation, it means your proposal did not successfully go through. Try again.

If you have questions, contact the Teacher's Committee at

**** DEADLINE for Submitting Class Proposals ****

Mar 15, 2020

Teachers should hear back from the Teacher's Committee by April 13, 2020 as to whether their class proposal was chosen and, if so, when and where it is scheduled.

In community,

Teacher's Committee


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