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Teaching at Dance New England Summer Camp

Most class periods are 2 hours long. See the schedule template here. The empty cells are potential class periods. For an idea of the kinds of classes taught at DNE, see our list template here.

For insight into what happens after you submit one or more proposals, check out the teacher's committee's process here.

We pay our teachers $45 / hour. If the class has an assistant, co-teacher or drummer, they are paid $33 / hour. You, your assistant, co-teacher or drummer, do not have to pay any camp fees on the day you teach but you do need to pay normal camper fees for any days you are at camp and not teaching. If you do not want to pay and you are submitting proposal(s) for multiple class slots, be sure to indicate they must be on contiguous days.

We provide a speaker system that you can plug your iPod, iPhone, laptop, etc into in all of our class spaces.

We do not supply mics or other classroom accessories, such as back jacks or cushions. We do supply yoga mats. If your class requires accessories, other than yoga mats, you should plan on bringing them.

Camp Timber Trails is more rustic than Robin Hood or Omni. There is an outdoor shower house with hot water. There will be plenty of porta potties but limited indoor shower/bathroom facilities. There are small sleepling cabins that hold up to 4 or 5 people. These sleeping cabins have no electricity or plumbing but there are bathroom pods nearby. There are many beautiful places in fields, woods and along the road to pitch tents. If you tent, you need to make sure your tent is water proof.

Try to arrive the evening before you are scheduled to teach. This will give you an opportunity to get to know the environment and your audience.

Thank you so much for submitting such awesome class proposals. You will be notified a month after the submission deadline letting you know whether your proposal(s) is accepted.

In community,

The Teacher's Committee


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