Accessibility & Inclusion

What is the Accessibility & Inclusion Committee?

If you have mobility issues, we will do our best to support your participation in Dance Camp. We will work with you to evaluate our ability to accommodate your needs and answer any questions or concerns. Dance Camp is not a fully accessible event, primarily due to our rural location.

What kind of accessible lodging do you have available?

We have limited beds available indoors for people with mobility issues or severe health needs. Please contact the Accessibility Coordinator about your specific situation to find out more.

What kind of lodging is available for CPAP machines?

People with CPAP machines can get permission to tent near a building with electricity. There also may be some limited indoor sleeping options. Contact the Accessibility Coordinator for more info.

I have mobility issues — do I still need to do chores?

We ask all campers to participate in the chore program as best as possible. We can help you work with the Chores Committee to find accessible chores.

How do I get around Camp?

Walking: The landscape and trees are beautiful and you can enjoy it at your own pace. The distances generally require 5-15 minute walks between various buildings and the Waterfront.

Dancing: Stride with intention everywhere you go around Camp.

Bicycling: Bikes are a great way to get around campus. So, if you have one, bring it with you! Helmets are mandatory. The roads at Camp are unpaved, hilly, and many are quite rough. As safe as you may feel in a car-free environment bike accidents happen, so please trust your own ability. Ride carefully!

Golf Carts: There is a golf cart shuttle system that is run by volunteers to help shorten the distances around Camp and to accommodate those with mobility issues. Please see the OBook for more information.

I have severe food allergies/restrictions — can you accommodate my needs?

The Accessibility & Inclusion Committee does not work with dietary issues. Please check Dining and Food for more information on dietary concerns.