Camp Life

Dance Camp is different for everyone.

  • African Dance
  • Biodanza
  • Contact Improv
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Nightly Boogies
  • Partner Dance
  • Child Programs
  • Healing Arts
  • Swimming
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Yoga
  • & More

Daytime Schedule

Our days are rich with options:
yoga, classes, massage, sweat lodge, and
more. Enjoy the waterfront, connect,
explore the land, and find your flow!

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Evening Activities

Every night is a unique adventure! Freestyle barefoot boogies, drum & dance fire circles, live music, silent contact jams, even a masquerade costume ball!

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Camp Timber Trails - Accommodations

Cabin beds are limited, so we encourage everyone to consider tenting. No food of any sort is allowed in cabins or tents due to the prevalence of bears and other critters.

Cabins do not have bathrooms. Campers will have access to all shared bathrooms and showers whether they stay in a cabin or a tent.


Cabins are small and rustic, fitting 5-7 people. Only a few cabins have electricity, but outlets are available nearby. Indicate your desire for a cabin when you register and we will follow up with all requests. A few cabin spots are left unreserved on arrival.


The woods of CTT are very magical and there is plenty of tenting space! When choosing your spot, please respect the tenting rules for everyone’s safety and in order to preserve the systems at CTT. See the Accommodations & Amenities section of the FAQ for tenting locations and rules.

Noise at Night

There are activities which produce late-night noise at Dance Camp. Check the schedule and map before selecting your sleeping location, if you need a quieter sleeping space at night.


If you have accessibility needs (accommodation or otherwise), please contact our Accessibility Coordinator by June 30th. We will do our best to work with your needs, but cannot guarantee accommodation.

Food at Camp

All food at Camp is vegetarian, using organic and local ingredients when possible. We eat together in a beautiful dining hall and at outdoor picnic tables. We can accommodate most special dietary requests.


Chores are love in action, where you meet new people and keep Camp affordable. We can guide you to find chores that are right for you.

Wellness, Health, and Safety

DNE’s goal is for everyone to be 100% healthy! Please do your part to protect and love all of DNE.

  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Always wash your hands before entering the dining hall, as well as after using bathrooms and porta-potties.
  • Wear closed-toed shoes for all kitchen shifts, and hair pulled back or covered (mandatory).
  • Check for ticks at least once every 24 hours.

A healthcare professional provides advice and first aid several hours each day.

Camp’s self-service 24/7 Wellness Center has basic conventional and alternative first aid supplies, including: over-the-counter medications, a refrigerator for medications (only), electric tea pots, hot packs, and ice packs.

Questions? Visit our FAQ for more information.