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Accessibility & Inclusion
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Young People’s

Alphabet Soup

A & I Accessibility and Inclusion

CARE Compassion, Attention, Resources, and Empathy – resources for self-care, including the Peace Council and Mediation

CTT Camp Timber Trails – our Camp location and homeplace

DNE Dance New England – the name we call our community

LC Leadership Committee – was replaced by our Board of Directors

NGC Next Generation Council – a self-identifying group of people, many of whom were introduced to DNE by their parents and have grown up in the DNE community

OM Operations Manager; along with the PM this role has replaced the Managing Coordinator position

PC Peace Council: a designated group who offer listening support and conflict resolution at Camp and about issues in our community

PM Program Manager; along with the OM, this role has replaced the Managing Coordinator position

WISH Welcome, Information, Support, Hugs: volunteers who greet you when you arrive and can help you get oriented

YPP Young People Program: our childcare program at Camp