2022 Covid Policy for Dance Camp

Our intention: to create a Covid policy that supports both new and returning campers to attend and participate in DNE Summer Camp 2022 as fully as possible, while recognizing the current and future impact of the still-ongoing Covid pandemic. For more context on the decisions leading to this policy, please see the bottom of this page.

Like last year, this policy is subject to change at any time leading up to or during Camp, should the Covid situation or CDC definitions change dramatically.

Policy Details

Camp is open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated campers this year.

Prior to Camp:

  • All registrants, regardless of vaccination status, are required to complete a rapid test at home prior to traveling to Camp (on the day they plan to travel to Camp). Ideally, this should be done the morning of travel to avoid traveling to Camp only to be turned away if positive. 
  • All registrants are also required to bring enough rapid tests to test themselves and their family members every other day while at Camp. Please see the “While at Camp” section below for more details and resources.
  • If you test positive within ten (10) days before your intended arrival at Camp, DO NOT attend Camp.
  • If you experience the onset of any new Covid symptoms within four (4) days of your intended arrival at Camp, DO NOT attend, regardless of your vaccination status / testing status.
  • If you experience any Covid symptoms that resolve within four (4) days prior to your intended arrival at Camp you must provide proof of a negative PCR test result within 24 hours of your intended arrival. (Rapid testing requirements will also still apply.) Acceptable forms of PCR verification:
    • An electronic version of these results
    • A scan or photo of a printout of these results from the lab
  • If the CDC definition of “fully vaccinated” changes prior to Camp, registrants will be encouraged but not required to meet the updated standard.
  • All registrants will be asked to indicate vaccination status at the time of registration, in case there is a significant spike of a new variant close to Camp.
  • For this purpose, DNE will use the definition of fully vaccinated according to the CDC, which we will monitor for any changes (current definition: at least two weeks after shot two of Moderna or Pfizer, or at least two weeks after shot one of J&J; please see the CDC’s age group recommendations at that link for more detail). 
  • All registrants are encouraged to have up-to-date vaccinations (boosters, etc.) based on CDC recommendation.
  • Cabin accommodation: if you are vaccinated and wish to stay in a cabin only with others who are vaccinated, you will have an opportunity to include that preference on the cabin request form prior to Camp.

While at Camp:

  • All registrants, regardless of vaccination status, must self-test every other day during their stay at Camp. This is designed to protect everybody, catch asymptomatic cases, and minimize spread throughout Camp.
    • US residents who have not already ordered free rapid tests from the government may order them here.
  • DNE strongly discourages campers from leaving campus and returning during their attendance. Anyone who does leave and return will be required to perform an additional rapid test after return.
  • Anyone exhibiting or observed to be exhibiting any new Covid symptoms must self-quarantine on site immediately, alert the health staff on duty, and leave Camp. This is necessary because newer Covid variants can take longer to trigger the rapid tests.
  • You must have a plan for how you will leave Camp if you test positive. 
  • Masking Update: You will be required to wear a mask while indoors. (You do not have to mask while sleeping in cabins). 
  • Participants are encouraged to bring an N-95, KN-95, or KN-94 mask with them for use indoors, as these are most effective at reducing Covid transmission. We will continue to make maximum use of outdoor space for dining and dancing, as this has been shown to have significantly lower risk.

Questions? Please email: covid@dne.org

We recognize that DNE cannot guarantee anyone’s/everyone’s personal protection from acquiring COVID infection nor developing it while at Camp from a prior exposure—but we can act in a thoughtful, respectful, and public health-oriented way to minimize risk and promote a very healthy Camp. 

We know that ultimately it is a personal decision, based on one’s own assessment of risk, personal health status and concerns, and degree of comfort in the policies and procedures that DNE will adhere to that will guide that decision. Perfect safety is not possible and individual risk assessment is a personal endeavor.

DNE’s Summer Camp 2022 policy, approved almost three (3) months prior to Camp, reflects best information and guidance at the time of its creation.