2023 Covid Policy for Dance Camp

About this year’s policy

Our intention: to create a Covid policy that supports both new and returning campers to attend and participate in DNE Summer Camp 2023 as fully as possible while recognizing that at this point in time, emphasis needs to shift to individual assessment of risk factors.


Prior to Camp

  • All registrants are encouraged but not required to have up-to-date vaccinations based on current CDC guidance.
  • On the day of your arrival, before you arrive, you must receive a negative result from a rapid test.
  • Pack at least three rapid tests and two masks, just in case!
  • If you test positive within ten days before your intended arrival at Camp, DO NOT come.
  • If you experience the onset of any new respiratory symptoms – even if they resolve – within four days of your intended arrival at Camp, you must receive two negative rapid tests, 48 hours apart, to attend.

At Camp

  • If you experience the onset of any new respiratory symptoms while at Camp
    • You may leave, and request a prorated refund
    • If you wish to stay, you must wear an N-95 mask around others until you have tested negative twice, 48 hours apart. 
  • You must have a plan for how you will leave Camp if you test positive. 
  • We will not require indoor masking. You may choose to wear a mask based on your own level of comfort.



We recognize that DNE cannot guarantee anyone’s/everyone’s personal protection from acquiring COVID infection nor developing it while at Camp from a prior exposure—but we can act in a thoughtful, respectful, and public health-oriented way to minimize risk and promote a very healthy Camp.  


  • I’m traveling from farther away and cannot complete a rapid test at home on the same day I arrive. What should I do?
    • Ideally, a rapid test should be done the morning before arriving at Camp. If you’ll be traveling more than one day, we suggest testing before departing from home, and again on the day of your arrival. 
  • Can I leave camp and come back?
    • Some folks need or want to leave camp and come back–we get it! Consider the potential risk to other attendees if you were to be exposed to Covid while out of camp and bring it back with you. Please consider taking extra precautions when you’re off campus.
  • What about masks?
    • COVID is here to stay. We all must choose how we want to navigate our own lives as well as how best to protect those we love. Masking with high-quality, properly worn masks remains an effective layer of protection, and masks are encouraged when indoors or in close contact for a prolonged time. 
    • Participants are encouraged to assess their level of comfort regarding dancing/eating with large groups of people in indoor spaces at this time.
  • Anything we didn’t answer?