The Spirit of Giving

Dance New England thrives through the generosity of this community.

Our sense of returning “home” to each other each summer, the nurturing environment for young people, and our sublime dance experiences are all made possible through donated time, funds, and energy.

These ongoing gifts ensure that Camp continues to be vibrant, affordable, and true to our values. Now that we are co-owners of Camp Timber Trails, your generosity has even more impact on what we collectively offer — and strengthens our foundations for generations to come.

The variety of contributions we receive at DNE is astounding, and we are truly blessed by this abundance and creativity. Thank you for your heartfelt gift.

Types of Donations

  • One-Time Gifts boost our ability to keep Camp costs low, to work on campaigns to improve the Dance Camp experience, and to continue thriving.
  • Recurring Monthly Giving keeps our community financially secure, and maximizes our ability to plan and grow into the future. Becoming a monthly sustainer is also an easy way to deepen your support of Camp and your sense of connection.
  • Planned Giving by making DNE a beneficiary, you ensure that our community and our children will continue dancing long into the future. To discuss estate planning and charitable bequests, please contact Myla Green. If you put DNE in your will, please let us know so we can thank you.
  • DNE Homeplace Fund Donations will be applied to build DNE’s ownership of Camp Timber Trails, support DNE’s objectives at CTT, and help secure our future here.

We invite you to give as a way of supporting the DNE community and investing in our shared vision of respect, integrity, and love. We sincerely appreciate all the gifts we receive!

To donate by check, contact us.