Financial Assistance for Camp

Work Exchange and Scholarships

DNE offers different financial assistance opportunities to meet different needs within our community. Please read this entire page to see which types of financial assistance might best support your desire to come to Camp.

How does DNE’s Work Exchange program work?

The work exchange program is a reimbursement program based on hours worked at Camp. Please register and pay for Camp. On the registration form there will be an option to fill out the Work Exchange Request Form.

For each hour worked when you are enrolled in the Work Exchange program, DNE will refund $15 from your paid registration, not to exceed your total registration fees.

The expectation is that payment of registration fees is made by the payment deadline. In the event that this may not be possible please contact the Registrar AFTER you register:

Please note: A partial payment must be made for your registration to be processed.

Where are the Work Exchange positions?

The Kitchen and Dining Hall areas are the hub of Camp, and require a large number of campers for Work Exchange. Other areas include: Waterfront, Green Guerillas, and Young People’s Program, among others.


We have reorganized the Scholarship Program to make it easier for our community members who are seeking financial support to participate in Dance Camp.

While we do our best to fund everyone’s scholarship requests, up to the amount asked, we cannot guarantee our ability to do so. We have a limited amount of funds from which to draw upon.

We have created different opportunities to meet different needs within our community:

Work Exchange Scholarship
Generally for people who are not solo guardians of young children, or limited by physical capacity.

The maximum amount of Work Exchange Scholarship is equal to the amount earned doing work exchange. (Example: if you earn $150 doing work exchange, you can request up to $150 in matching scholarship funds.)

Full-Time Solo Guardians
This scholarship can cover up to 50% of registration fees with no requirement to do work exchange.

Underrepresented Community Members
For people who have a historically based lack of access (BIPOC, queer, trans, intergenerational poverty, on disability, age, etc.). Scholarships can be up to 50% of registration fees with no requirement to do work exchange.

Legacy Volunteer
Designed to facilitate the funding of people who have been long-time volunteers and have a greater financial need. Consideration is dependent on length of time with the community and previous volunteered/staff support for DNE. Scholarships are 50% of the cost standard, with exceptions for more or less dependent on need.

If you have questions, please contact: