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We are a creative collective of individuals who love to dance, as well as a consortium of cooperatively run, not-for-profit, freestyle barefoot dances in the New England area.

DNE 2020 Covid Announcement


Dear DNE community,

Thanks for your patience while the Board of Directors deliberated on options regarding Dance Camp 2020.

For the safety of the community, the DNE Board has decided to cancel physical camp for 2020.

This decision was not made lightly: we considered the closeness and intimate nature of our dance community; our many vulnerable community members to whom exposure to COVID-19 would be an extreme health risk; the current travel and gathering restrictions in Massachusetts; and the realities of the economic impact of the pandemic on our community. Additionally, we considered the success of DNE as an organization as well as supporting the survival of Camp Timber Trails. We also considered the many of us for whom Camp is a central fixture of our lives. We are sad that this had to be our decision, and we know many people will be heartbroken, young people, teens, and adults alike. Despite the uncertainty of this pandemic, we will also be working over the next year to create a safe physical camp for 2021.

We are shifting our resources for this year to create events that we can safely produce. We will be having a Virtual Dance Camp event August 13-16th – details to be announced soon!

In the meantime:

  • If you want to share your ideas for shaping DNE virtual events, please fill out this survey. We would love your input!
  • We are thrilled to announce the launch of DNE’s new website! Please explore and enjoy! Huge thank you to our website committee – Aileen Gildea-Pyne, Amanda Painter, Kai Geffen, Kevin Benjamin, Nalasa Cutler, Samantha Armer, Timbre Pyne, who spent countless hours turning this dream into reality. Special thanks to Nalasa and Kai for co-leading the project.
  • Finally, many of you have asked how you can help DNE in this uncertain time. Please consider making a gift to DNE. Your gift will help provide critical funds toward making sure DNE thrives during the next period of time.

Obviously, any kind of event we have online will be very different from our beloved Dance Camp. However, we have seen the creativity and success of the community dances as they have moved online and are optimistic that we can create something wonderful together. We are confident that we can be connected even when we are not in person.

Until we can be together in community in person,

Myla Green, Managing Coordinator