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We are a creative collective of individuals who love to dance, as well as a consortium of cooperatively run, not-for-profit, freestyle barefoot dances in the New England area.

MLK Weekend event – boogie, yoga, and racial justice programs!


Our next virtual event will take place on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend!

Sunday Night 1/17

7:30pm Opening Circle
8:00pm Social Justice Themed Boogie
8:00pm DJ Nancy Farber
8:45pm DJ David Rinaldi
9:30pm DJ David Mojo (Dave Sheppard)
10:15pm DJ Mystical Michael (Michael Swerdloff)


Monday Morning 1/18

8:00am-9:00am Mindful Flow Yoga – Chandra Cantor
9:30am Racial Justice Launch
9:45am-11:30am Two Concurrent Programs!
  • 1) The Water We Swim In: A Conversation about White Supremacy Culture – facilitated by Jimi Two Feathers, Aron DiBacco and Mahmoud El-Zeftawy.
  • 2) DNE Cultural Appropriation Workshop Culture: Appreciation or Appropriation? – facilitated by Adia Lara-Thein, Maria Lara and Dev Luthra
11:30am Full Group Discussion Based on the two Racial/Cultural Justice Programs & Closing Circle

Workshop Descriptions:

The Water We Swim in: Conversation about White Supremacy Culture

Facilitators: Jimi Two Feathers, Aron DiBacco and Mahmoud El-Zeftawy
  • In small and large group discussions we will explore three elements of “white supremacy culture” to learn about them, think about how they might show up in our own lives, and reflect on how they show up in the DNE community. No prior knowledge required, but an open mind is essential.  

DNE Cultural Appropriation Workshop

Culture: Appreciation or Appropriation?

Facilitators: Adia Lara, Dev Luthra, Maria Lara

  • This offering, co designed by Adia Lara, Maria Lara and Dev Luthra,  is an opportunity to pool our collective knowledge and expression of culture at DNE; to notice the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. The format will be interactive: we will create a web chart of activities and cultural expressions within the community and examine how they function.


Register here!

What: A DNE Virtual MLK Jr. Weekend Event!

When: Beginning Sunday 7:30pm 1/17 through Monday 1/18 early afternoon.

Why: Because we want to honor the legacy and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. together while dancing, learning, and connecting.

Where: Zoom!

Who: The whole DNE community of family and friends.

More details are coming soon! Look forward to seeing you on our screens!

There is a suggested donation for this event. Thank you for your support of Dance New England!