Our Community

Dance New England (DNE) is an educational nonprofit cooperatively producing events focusing on dance, music, communication, and community.

Our Values

  • Acceptance and respect for all people and cultures
  • Empowerment of children
  • A cooperative spirit, interdependence, and sustainable volunteerism
  • Conservation of Earth’s resources
  • Acknowledgement for the value of contributions that we each bring to community
  • Intrinsic sacredness of our bodies and the natural world
  • A safe container for all of us to be and express who we are
  • Fair distribution of the fruits of our labor and play

Our Mission & Vision

We ignite creative community through movement and dance.

We envision a world where self-expression, practiced sustainably, is met with acceptance and respect.

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We Dance To...

Empower, enrich, and uplift. To embody communication and experience unity. To celebrate our differences, develop connections, and express ourselves…

To bring people together!

Member Dances

Our four Member Dances are the core of DNE:

DNE Members provide these freestyle, barefoot, cooperative dances, as well as weekend-long events throughout the year. See our Find a Dance listings for more about Member Dances.