Dance New England is a nonprofit, governed by our membership, by-laws, and board of directors.


The policy-making body of Dance New England (DNE) is the Board of Directors. The Board is a representative body selected by the membership. A consensus decision by the membership at a Community Meeting sets the ultimate policy for DNE. The many tasks involved in running Camp as well as the organization as a whole are accomplished by a number of committees, as well as by paid and volunteer staff.

DNE’s main event is our annual summer Dance Camp, which is created through countless hours of volunteer power. Dance Camp is overseen by the Managing Coordinator who reports to the Board.

DNE includes Member Dances, which are cooperatively organized and volunteer run. Member Dances offer weekends and other events throughout the year.

The Peace Council (PC) is selected by and reports to the Board. Nonetheless, the PC is a semi-independent body with specific discretionary powers to help resolve conflicts between individuals, including through mediation and empathetic listening sessions. The PC is involved with administering and interpreting DNE’s Peace and Justice policy in additional ways, such as by leading consent workshops.


DNE uses consensus decision making for policy-related matters, in the spirit of inclusivity and in order to make the most informed and considered choices.

At community meetings and board meetings, we use a form of decision making based on Formal Consensus, as outlined by C.T. Lawrence Butler and Amy Rothstein in their book On Conflict and Consensus. Other DNE committees and bodies use consensus process as needed.


Membership gives you a voting voice in our community meeting. DNE members have the opportunity to be vendors in the Camp store, provide “fee for service” healing arts work at Camp, or serve on the board of directors. We encourage everyone to become a member to support the community, consciously deepen ownership, and get more involved.