Current volunteer opportunities and job openings at Dance New England

Paid Positions


DNE is seeking a new Bookkeeper, beginning for Camp 2023. The job is expected to require approximately 350 hours per year and compensation will be commensurate with experience. Financial activity is generally concentrated from June to October each year, and again the following January through March for financial budgeting and planning.

Full job description can be found here.

Application is due by April 15 priority deadline (position will remain open until filled).

To apply: send a cover letter and resume via email to:

Volunteer Positions

HR Committee Members and Head

Work with DNE’s Human Resources Committee to hire staff, conduct performance reviews, shape contracts and compensation, and more. HR Committee Head is involved in leading monthly HR meetings and preparing agendas. Experience with hiring and other HR processes preferred.

Contact Michael:

O-Book Committee Members 

O-Book is short for Orientation Booklet. Join the O-Book Committee, which compiles updates from all committees and coordinators to create a program booklet and essential go-to for Dance Camp and DNE. Requests updated blurbs and descriptions from committees, receives and formats schedules and programming descriptions. O-Book production includes digital and print formats.

The whole committee’s work is between 50-100 hours, split into data collecting, proofreading, and formatting. All O-Book work is pre-camp.

Contact Michael:

Chores Coordinator

The Chores Coordinators are essential to helping everyone in our community invest in our shared values, and serve our common desire to have a joyful, smooth-running camp, and connect with campers we might not otherwise have the good fortune to meet. 

Compensation: There are a total of 10 days to be split between committee members.

Please see the full job description here

Contact Michael:

Evaluations Committee

Dance New England is seeking one or more persons to assist with our annual camp evaluation, which we use to make camp-related decisions, as well as help with occasional smaller surveys around various issues within the community. Ideal volunteers will have experience tabulating responses, contextualizing trends, and analyzing survey data. If you enjoy looking at data and making it useful to others, this would be great for you, and you get to offer a valuable service to the community.

The time commitment would be most significant during July – September: reviewing the old camp evaluation, editing/updating it, and then interpreting the new data soon after camp; approximate hours in those months would be 15-20. Additional volunteer time would be as-needed, likely to take 5-10 hours total throughout the rest of the year. (Yearly time commitment: up to ~30 hours.)

Contact Michael:

Website Committee

The Website Committee serves as a conduit between leadership and the community for clear communication about DNE. It also serves as a guide for the Website Manager in terms of setting priorities, such as helping to track larger updates for the website and developing new projects. Website Committee will regularly reach out to and be contacted by various committees for requests to keep the site information current (mainly information about camp and board-level materials). The time commitment will vary (leading up to camp will be busier). The Committee will typically meet monthly and make decisions by consensus.

Contact Michael:


Grant Writer

From your home, work with DNE leadership to research and apply for grants supporting DNE. Possible focus areas include grants to help special-needs campers, arts education, and diversity and inclusion programming. Skills required: collaboration, communication, organization, and computer literacy.



Kitchen Committee Members

The Kitchen Committee (KC) supports the cooks and the dining hall managers to ensure we have the best experience for our campers, cooks, work exchange people, and volunteers that we can offer. Working together with staff as well as feedback from our community, we look at how service, hygiene, and flavorful offerings can be improved. The KC is also involved in the hiring of the Head Chef, Assistant Head Chef, Dining Hall Manager, and Asst DHM as necessary; we also help review work performances after camp and what went well, and what areas could use tweaking. Additionally, we work to get in-kind donations to help keep costs low.



Membership Committee Members

The Membership Committee is focused on supporting the members of our community. They work on membership benefits, what it means to be a member, tracking membership, and how to expand membership within the DNE community.

Contact Michael:



Green Guerrillas Team Members

Join the Green Team at camp. The Green Guerillas can be seen climbing into recycling bins and out of compost buckets. We green the scene by composting, recycling, and educating! Your chores include monitoring the system and providing unique and fun education throughout camp. Looking for new Guerrillas! Please get in touch with Carmen Reid to join the team G.G. Team members receive chore relief.

CARE/Mediation Team

The CARE/Mediation team is a group of counselors, therapists, coaches, and trained listeners who are available to offer emotional support to campers during camp. We are building a large and diverse CARE team this year. Come join us! It’s not a big commitment and it’s beautiful work in service to the emotional health and harmonious inter-being of our camp community. Please contact Ellen if you have any questions on what we do and how we do it. Volunteer Contact Ellen:

Free U (Free University) Teachers

Free U is an opportunity for folks to teach classes on a volunteer basis. It is an invitation to give something of value to the community and share what talents, experiences, arts, or areas of study you’ve been getting into. We particularly encourage family-friendly classes that can be enjoyed by all ages – such as gardening, wild edible harvesting, mural painting, and bike repair – to support multi-generational relationships at Camp.

Free U dates this year: Sunday the 6th from 1:00-3:00 and Saturday the 12th from 3:30-5:30. Volunteer Contact Free U Coordinator Jilsarah Moscowitz at