Current volunteer opportunities and job openings at Dance New England

Paid Positions

Orientation Book (OBook) Publisher

Format the booklet and schedules into a printable document. Liaise with and order from the printer sufficient copies and ensure they get to camp.

Skills Required: computer skills: Adobe InDesign or other professional print production program, collaboration, attention to detail, communication, and organization. Communicate with the Teachers Committee, DJSC, OBook Editor, and Operations and Program Managers for final submissions and changes before the deadline.

Hours required pre-camp (approx): 20-25 hours for moderate editing; if significant editing is necessary, up to 40 hours.

Compensation: $300

For more information, contact Aileen Gildea-Pyne:
If interested, please contact Michael Swerdloff:


Orientation Book (OBook) Editor

OBook Editor sends (previous year’s) OBook entries to each committee head/coordinator to have the current year’s camp information edited, updated, and accurate. Compiles the entries, sends blurbs and follow-up emails, and edits into one source takes a significant number of hours.

Skills Required: collaboration, attention to detail, organization, computer literacy (Word, Google Docs/Drive, email), time management, and patience.

Hours required pre-camp (approx): 40+ Work is largely May-August

Compensation: $300

For more information, contact Aileen Gildea-Pyne:
If interested, please contact Michael Swerdloff:

Website Manager

Make corrections and additions to the website as directed by the Board of Directors, Website Committee, and Program & Operations Managers, in a timely fashion. A sense of humor, and the ability to herd cats occasionally (especially for updating Camp pages), are a huge plus.


● Add upcoming events to the front page
● Update the job listings
● Perform routine updates to WordPress and other plugin libraries
● Stage a backup of the WordPress site’s current contents
● Upload documents such as Board meeting minutes and budgets to the Business section of the website


● Familiar with WordPress and/or other website software
● Comfortable with Google Docs
● Ability to be self-directed and prioritize tasks
● Decent editing/grammar skills
● Ability to assess error and traffic logs to resolve issues when they come up

Supervised by: Website Committee Lead / Board Member

Estimated annual total hours: 5-7 hours a month (60-84 per year)

Compensation: TBD; likely to be an hourly wage, which requires tracking your time

If interested, please contact Michael Swerdloff:

Volunteer Positions

Teachers Committee Head

● Review the Teachers Committee timeline of all Committee and TC Head items
● After camp, write Annual Report after meeting with Committee members
● Interface with other committees and Program Manager
● Budget Oversight
● Support committee members in teacher recruitment
● Work with members to create a single master schedule
● Facilitate video calls with the team
● Proofread contracts and OBook in June
● Oversee schedule adjustments as teachers cancel or request changes
● Be on call at camp and ensure coverage for the duration, including TC setup and TC takedown
● You cannot teach a class during the Camp year you are the TC Head

Skills Required:

● Supervisory skills
● Detail oriented
● Google Doc experience

Hours required at camp/off camp (approx): Approximately 40-50 hours throughout the year

Compensation: Free camp days when on call at camp

Previously held by: Carolyn Fuller, Bill McAvinney

If interested, please contact Michael Swerdloff:

HR Committee Head and Members

DNE’s Human Resources Committee is involved with equity, processes for hiring staff, performing reviews, etc. Involves leading monthly HR meetings and preparing agendas (minutes are taken by HR Admin Assistant). Experience with hiring and other HR processes preferred.

Oversight: Board of Directors

Estimated number of hours: 12-20 hours/per year.

Compensation: Volunteer


DJ Support Coordinator

DJSC acts as the manager, coordinator, advocate, ally, scheduler, facilitator, and liaison for the DJs at camp.

Skills Required: patience, persistence, good humor, attention to detail, and ability to equitably parcel out DJ slots according to careful consideration of requests. Active participation and knowledge of the Boogie atmosphere at all hours of the evening, forthright advocacy for DJs, and ability to be diplomatic when dealing with interpersonal issues between DJs and/or camper’s feedback on the music. Ability to create a well-balanced and varied menu, through the DJ’s skills, of musical offerings for one of Camp’s most central and essential nightly events.

Hours required at camp/off camp (approx): Timeline of duties runs from the December prior to camp through the September immediately after camp. These hours are shared by the committee members. Please see details in the DJ Support Coordinator Job Description 2024.

Compensation: One free camp split between committee members

Presently held by: Sara Levy; previously held by: Neige Christenson

If interested, please contact Michael Swerdloff:

O-Book Committee Members 

O-Book is short for Orientation Booklet. Join the O-Book Committee, which compiles updates from all committees and coordinators to create a program booklet and essential go-to for Dance Camp and DNE. Requests updated blurbs and descriptions from committees, receives and formats schedules and programming descriptions. O-Book production includes digital and print formats.

The whole committee’s work is between 50-100 hours, split into data collecting, proofreading, and formatting. All O-Book work is pre-camp.

Contact Michael:

Evaluations Committee

Dance New England is seeking one or more persons to assist with our annual camp evaluation, which we use to make camp-related decisions, as well as help with occasional smaller surveys around various issues within the community. Ideal volunteers will have experience tabulating responses, contextualizing trends, and analyzing survey data. If you enjoy looking at data and making it useful to others, this would be great for you, and you get to offer a valuable service to the community.

The time commitment would be most significant during July – September: reviewing the old camp evaluation, editing/updating it, and then interpreting the new data soon after camp; approximate hours in those months would be 15-20. Additional volunteer time would be as-needed, likely to take 5-10 hours total throughout the rest of the year. (Yearly time commitment: up to ~30 hours.)

Contact Michael:

Website Committee

The Website Committee serves as a conduit between leadership and the community for clear communication about DNE. It also serves as a guide for the Website Manager in terms of setting priorities, such as helping to track larger updates for the website and developing new projects. Website Committee will regularly reach out to and be contacted by various committees for requests to keep the site information current (mainly information about camp and board-level materials). The time commitment will vary (leading up to camp will be busier). The Committee will typically meet monthly and make decisions by consensus.

Contact Michael:


Grant Writer

From your home, work with DNE leadership to research and apply for grants supporting DNE. Possible focus areas include grants to help special-needs campers, arts education, and diversity and inclusion programming. Skills required: collaboration, communication, organization, and computer literacy.



Membership Committee Members

The Membership Committee is focused on supporting the members of our community. They work on membership benefits, what it means to be a member, tracking membership, and how to expand membership within the DNE community.

Contact Michael: