Current volunteer opportunities and job openings at Dance New England

Paid Positions

There are currently no open paid positions.

Volunteer Positions

Virtual DJ Committee Members

We are forming a small group of people to support the process of recruiting, inviting and choosing DJs for our virtual events. If you are interested, we are seeking people passionate about DJs & music that have regularly participated in freestyle dances at camp, member dances, I-Opener or Ecstatic Dances that know who most of our amazing DJs are, and are part of the DNE community. If you have wanted to have input into who plays music at what time at our dances, this is your opportunity! We especially invite people of color or NGC members to inquire.
Please contact Michael today. We want to get started right away for our next event!


Kitchen Committee Head & Members

Committee head oversees, supports, and collaborates with the Head Chef and Dining Hall Manager and assistants, as well as leads team on soliciting food donations for Camp. Committee members recruit and hire staff, plan and create systems, and help set up at Camp.

Compensation: up to 5 days of free camp split between committee members.

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Registration Committee Members

This committee primarily meets from early spring through the start of camp, roughly bi-weekly, depending on need, for 1.5 hours each time. There would be email conversations related to policies. Some of the things we are currently looking at are registration options, incentives for new folk, guest policies (particularly for staff), customization guidelines, day-tripper possibilities, late fee policy clarification, and cancellation policy review. Lots of interesting projects!

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Chores Committee

The Chores Committee is looking for a few new members! Responsibilities include setting up chore registration tables, registering campers for chores, and ensuring campers show up for their shifts. Ideal candidates are good with people (you get to meet everyone who comes to camp!), familiar with computers and databases, ready to learn new skills and work hard at times, and interested in participating in a vital function at camp. Potential to become a co-chair with authority over the entire chores system.

Chores coordinators are eligible to be compensated with some days of camp.

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Board Members

Joining the Board is a great way to get involved at a deeper level for those with experience in leadership at DNE. Our working board applies their expertise, insight, and vision to strengthen DNE’s future. The Board meets throughout the year, and each Board member is compensated with free (working) Camp.

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HR Committee Head & Members

Work with DNE’s Human Resources Committee to hire staff, perform reviews, etc. Involves leading monthly HR meetings and preparing agenda (minutes are taken by HR Admin Assistant). Experience with hiring and other HR processes preferred.

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Grant Writer

From your home, work with the Accessibility & Inclusion Committee to apply for grants to support campers with special needs.

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Free U Coordinator

The person in this role solicits proposals for free classes and develops teaching schedule. You would also be the point person for Free U teachers at camp, and would advertise and schedule these classes.

Skills Required: ​collaboration, communication, organization, computer

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Evening Activities Coordinator & Committee Members

This coordinator creates the schedule of evening events in collaboration with the Managing Coordinator and various committee heads. The coordinator also acts as interlocutor between committees and provides active support to committee heads at camp. Committee members will assist with reviewing and scheduling “Community Offering” proposals. 

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