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Membership gives you a consensus-voting voice in Community Meeting. It also enables you to give formal input into how DNE votes in the Camp Timber Trails business as a shareholder. Membership is also required to sell goods or services at Camp.

We encourage everyone to become a member in order to support our community, feel a sense of ownership, and get more involved! Your participation is vital to the growth and vitality of DNE.

Membership in DNE is open to anyone who:

  • Is 18 years or older (a legal requirement of our 501c-3 status)
  • Has attended one of our events (Dance Camp, a DNE weekend, or a sponsored member dance)
  • Meets membership responsibilities

Each member has a voice in DNE decision-making. We use consensus, or consent, to make the decisions about how to steward our organization. DNE has a history of Formal Consensus, and we’ve been adapting Sociocracy — or Dynamic Governance — into the meetings where we make decisions. You can find resources online for learning about consensus and consent-based methods.

Membership responsibilities:

Members contribute both work and financial dues to DNE, voluntarily selecting a level of involvement appropriate to their situation and reflective of the needs of the community.

The membership commitment is $25-$250 plus a request of 15 volunteer hours annually. There are so many fulfilling areas where you can chip in and lighten the load so we all can benefit together. (For information email  — or visit the Jobs page, which features both volunteer and paid opportunities.


Membership is annual — based on your join/renewal date — and can be renewed any time at the button below. When you join, you’ll receive notification via email. You will also receive email reminders when your membership is due to expire.