Board of Directors

The Board is a representational body of up to 15 members chosen by the Dance New England Membership. The Board is empowered to perform any and all duties of the organization, or delegate those duties to whomever they see fit, including, but not limited to, the authority to represent DNE in any business dealing and sign contracts in the name of DNE.

Adia Lara

Adia has a deep love for community and the arts. She comes from a diverse background, having spent her life exposed to many different cultures, which led to an interest in Anthropology & Media studies — her focus during undergrad. Her family has been active members of Dance New England for decades, but she first attended DNE as an infant where she was a part of the 2001 baby blessing. She and her family regularly attended barefoot boogies in New York, and other community engagements that were available to her long before she returned to a summer gathering. In 2018 Adia attended Camp for the first time in her adult life, and decided to become a more active member and be a part of the positive change she wanted to see.