Year Long Staff

DNE's key staff ensure that essential roles in the organization are filled, as well as support the Board and various volunteer committees. Positions include Program Manager, Operations Manager, Bookkeeper, Registrar, Administrative Assistant to the Board. Staff work throughout the year to coordinate and produce Camp each summer, and ensure the well-being of the organization.

Aileen Gildea-Pyne

Administrative Assistant

Aileen, originally from the Boston area, recently relocated to Western Massachusetts. Participation in Dance Friday led her to discover DNE: she came for the dancing and found community. In 2006, Aileen attended her first Camp. In 2008, she joined the Camp Coordinating Group (CCG) for three years, and has served the DNE community in some form of leadership ever since. Aileen was the Admin for the CCG, and beginning in 2014, has served in the role of Administrative Assistant to the Board of Directors. She enjoys the self-title of “Chief Cat Herder and Whip Cracker for the Board.”

Besides DNE, Aileen loves cool and interesting things: photography to foods, sewing to singing, spelunking the internet; and is incredibly amazed by her two adult children, three grandchildren, and husband since 1988. Oh, and unicorns, flamingos, and laughter.