Board of Directors

The Board is a representational body of up to 15 members chosen by the Dance New England Membership. The Board is empowered to perform any and all duties of the organization, or delegate those duties to whomever they see fit, including, but not limited to, the authority to represent DNE in any business dealing and sign contracts in the name of DNE.

Debbie Steiner Hayes

Debbie found her joy by attending her first Dance Friday in Hartford in 1983. She has been an active member ever since, even helping to run Dance Hartford while in college. After moving to Boston in 1991, she served as the space manager for Dance Friday in Watertown and organized several Boston weekends. Debbie worked as a teacher in the Young People’s Program and ran set-up for many years. She has been an ongoing Dance New England member for the past 40 years as this is her chosen community!

Debbie has been on the Leadership Council (precursor to DNE’s board), an elder, and now for the second time a board member. Her husband Steve has been serving as treasurer of DNE for the past 15+ years, and their daughter Shayna, who has been to almost all of our community meetings, begins high school in fall 2024. When not volunteering for DNE, Debbie works at Northeastern University. She is a PTO chair at her daughter’s school and has been leading Shayna’s Girl Scout Troop since they were in kindergarten.

Being on the board has been a true delight, and Debbie encourages anyone who would like to learn more to connect with her and have an honest conversation about how to get more involved. Volunteering is at DNE’s core and is what makes many people feel connected to DNE in a way that just coming to a local dance or attending Camp doesn’t. The work is manageable, and we are very much looking for younger members to come and learn the ropes so that DNE can continue for future generations!