Board of Directors

The Board is a representational body of up to 15 members chosen by the Dance New England Membership. The Board is empowered to perform any and all duties of the organization, or delegate those duties to whomever they see fit, including, but not limited to, the authority to represent DNE in any business dealing and sign contracts in the name of DNE.

Erica Skye Roper

Erica Skye Roper has more than a decade of experience in staff, leadership, and administrative roles at Dance New England. She has served as a Board Member, CCG Member, NGC Board Member, assistant director of the salsa program, teacher, kitchen volunteer coordinator, and chef among other roles at DNE. Erica has a Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, is a certified mediator and an experienced facilitator.

As a mental wellness advocate and certified wellness coach, Erica continues to train in the Infinity Healing Practice. She particularly enjoys dancing Argentine tango, salsa, rueda, fusion, freestyle, and contact improvisation. When not dancing or teaching Argentine tango, fusion, and boundaries workshops, she also enjoys playing games, riding bicycles, and making chocolate.