Key Staff

DNE's key staff ensure that essential roles in the organization are filled, as well as support the Board and various volunteer committees. Positions include Managing Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Volunteer Coordinator, Registrar, Administrative Assistant, and Camp Coordinator. Staff work throughout the year to coordinate and produce Camp each summer, and ensure the well-being of the organization.

Gary Cannon


Gary first learned about DNE while living near Northampton for a brief period of time and attending the incredibly inspiring Sunday morning Dance Spirit. After hearing for so many years about Camp, he had a blast experiencing it last summer firsthand. Having held positions in the Waldorf schools his entire professional career, first as a French Teacher, then a Business Manager, and finally as the Administrator of two different schools, DNE is a perfect fit. Gary currently works for a behavioral health clinic on Cape Cod — a more corporate setting, yet still with a resonating mission of serving a community of folks in great need. He recently adopted a Chihuahua named Roxy, and looks forward to many years of dancing together in community with DNE.