Key Staff

DNE's key staff ensure that essential roles in the organization are filled, as well as support the Board and various volunteer committees. Positions include Managing Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Volunteer Coordinator, Registrar, Administrative Assistant, and Camp Coordinator. Staff work throughout the year to coordinate and produce Camp each summer, and ensure the well-being of the organization.

Kelly Bitov

Camp Coordinator

Kelly’s first Dance Camp was DNE’s last year at Omni, in 2008. She had newly discovered Earthdance, been frequenting Dance Spree in Northampton and the Contact Improv jams in Boston, and then got swept along in the annual community pilgrimage heading to New Hampshire.

Kelly came in as YPP staff, and was part of that happy, kid-loving troupe for the next 10 years of Camp. The values she got to live and witness at Camp quickly infused the rest of her life, leading her to support community organizing with Contact Improv Boston, serve on the Board of Directors for Earthdance, and take on leadership of Nine Mountain Retreats.

When not dancing, Kelly practices public interest environmental law and has taught environmental law and human rights as a Visiting Professor at Hampshire College. She is grateful for the strong connections she’s made in such a diverse, intergenerational community that values equity, social justice, honoring the Earth, thriving human relationships, creativity, expression, and love. It’s an honor for her to serve the DNE community!