Board of Directors

The Board is a representational body of up to 15 members chosen by the Dance New England Membership. The Board is empowered to perform any and all duties of the organization, or delegate those duties to whomever they see fit, including, but not limited to, the authority to represent DNE in any business dealing and sign contracts in the name of DNE.


Mahmoud (Moody informally) has been coming to Camp for 7 years now (time flies)! He’s a huge fan of the Camp spirit and open atmosphere, and loves to meet new people and create bonds and connections. Moody wants to encourage the DNE community to prosper, while maintaining the continuity of our collective identity. He is excited about the opportunities presented by our new (as of 2018) long-term home at Camp Timber Trails. He is focused on promoting ongoing NGC (Next Generation Council) activity and participation.

Some of his hobbies include sports, music, cars, computers, building things, cooking, and dance. Moody is almost always open to conversation and meeting new people. Please don’t hesitate to say hello!