Year Long Staff

DNE's key staff ensure that essential roles in the organization are filled, as well as support the Board and various volunteer committees. Positions include Program Manager, Operations Manager, Bookkeeper, Registrar, Administrative Assistant to the Board. Staff work throughout the year to coordinate and produce Camp each summer, and ensure the well-being of the organization.

Michael Swerdloff

Program Manager

Michael Swerdloff found his way into DNE through the Barefoot Boogie in NYC. He started DJing there soon after, which led to training DJs and co-coordinating the dance. Driving home from his first Dance Camp, Michael knew deep in his belly that Dance Camp and DNE were now part of his life going forward. Michael promotes peace, integrity, and safety through counseling, Reiki, movement, meditation, and as a conscious dance Host and DJ. He has been clean and sober since 1989 and practices meditation, Reiki, yoga, and dance/movement daily. For the last four years, Michael served as DNE’s Volunteer Coordinator.