Key Staff

DNE's key staff ensure that essential roles in the organization are filled, as well as support the Board and various volunteer committees. Positions include Program Manager, Operations Manager, Bookkeeper, Registrar, Administrative Assistant to the Board. Staff work throughout the year to coordinate and produce Camp each summer, and ensure the well-being of the organization.

Michael Swerdloff

Volunteer Coordinator

Michael discovered the Barefoot Boogie in NYC about ten years ago. Soon he started DJing there, which led to training DJs and co-coordinating the dance. The following summer he tried Dance Camp. Driving home from Camp Michael knew deep in his belly that Dance Camp and DNE were now part of his life going forward; he has been a DJ at Camp every summer since.

Michael is currently the Volunteer Coordinator with DNE, which has been a great opportunity to be further involved in the community, meet new people, and build even stronger relationships. (If you want to be more engaged in the community, he invites you to contact him!) He also co-founded two beautiful, conscious dances in Rhode Island.

Since the early ’90s, Michael has worked as a social worker, educator, and life coach in various capacities, as well as community organizer, Usui Reiki Teaching Master, and spiritual guide. He has worked professionally with teens, adults, couples, and families, and now has a small private practice.