Director Emeritus

A former member of the DNE Board of Directors


Nancy’s first DNE event was Dance Friday nearly thirty years ago, which became her Friday night ritual. She found herself dancing every moment of the day. She branched out to the Wednesday Dance in Cambridge and started DJing at both dances. After seven years in Boston, she moved to Amherst and ended up helping run Dance Spree for the next 18 years.

Nancy has served in many positions with DNE: with the CCG (Camp Coordinating Group), as notetaker for the LC (Leadership Council), and now on the Board of Directors. She also currently serves on the Finance and HR committees.

Next year will complete her 20th year in service in various DNE groups, which has been a way for her to give back to the community which has given her so much. Her professional career as an educator supports her commitment to the YPP and Teen committees. She considers DNE her chosen family. Outside of DNE, Nancy’s greatest joys are her four amazing granddaughters!