Young People's Program

Details about YPP at Camp

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Children arriving to YPP on time is a big help for teachers! Please bring your kids on time (or a few minutes early) so they can enjoy all our planned activities and maintain the structure/routine of each day. Thank you!

To support your child feeling at ease at Camp, feel free to arrive at 9:00 to get individual attention and help with the transition.

  • Each day that your child is participating in drop-in programming, complete a a sign-in sheet with your schedule every day during drop-off, so staff can find you if necessary.
  • Every child must be signed in with contact information for their parent/guardian.
  • Suggested program sign-in times are 9:15am and 1:00pm (except for the 2 & under age-group).
  • All children must be signed out at the end of the day by 5:45.

Meals at YPP

  • The two younger groups have lunch in the childcare area.
  • The two older age groups eat with YPP staff in the dining hall at their own table.
  • We provide morning and afternoon snacks (fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese, crackers, rice cakes, corn chips, etc.) for all age groups.
  • All meals at Camp are vegetarian with vegan options.
  • Kid-friendly meals are made by the kitchen staff.
  • The dining hall has cow, soy, and rice milk.
  • If your child has special dietary needs or needs baby-food/formula, please bring supplies for the duration of your stay.

Contact us if you have questions regarding food or allergies.

Health Care at Camp

The Wellness Center at Camp provides basic emergency supplies. All YPP groups have basic first aid kits with them. Many staff members are trained in first aid and CPR. We are diligent about hygiene, and we’ve experienced very few health problems at Camp over many years.

Children who are ill (fever, chills, flu, sore throat, digestive disruptions, vomiting, and/or other Covid-like symptoms) will need to be quarantined by their parents immediately. Their parents must alert the Wellness staff, and the entire family will need to leave Camp.

Children who have other contagious conditions (head lice, eye infections, etc.) will not be allowed into the YPP. Parents need to care for their children in these circumstances.

Tips for a Healthy Camp Experience

  • Bring what you need to treat your child in the event of an illness.
  • Bring enough Covid rapid tests to test your child/children (and the rest of your family) every other day.
  • Please check for head lice the week prior to Camp, to prevent community-wide infestation.
  • Everyone needs to wash hands before entering the dining hall, as well as after using the bathroom/porta-potty.
  • Check for ticks and head lice daily at Dance Camp.
  • If you bring a bicycle for your child, be sure to bring a helmet and be aware of hazards involved — hidden roots on the paths, uneven ground, darkness, tent ropes, gravel driveways, people strolling in the evening, and other children begging to use the item.

What to Bring to YPP Each Day

  • Favorite items like a blanket, stuffed animal, doll, etc.
  • An extra set of clothes
  • A bathing suit and towel
  • Sun protection such as a hat, and sunscreen

Suggested Packing List for Families at Camp

  • A wash basin, laundry detergent, clothesline, and clothespins for cleaning/drying clothes
  • Extra towels, blankets, and washcloths
  • White clothes and/or cloth for tie dye
  • Slippers (cabin floors can be cold in the morning and shoes must be removed)
  • Layered clothing for chilly evenings/mornings and hot afternoons
  • Fun costumes, instruments, and sports equipment
  • Shareable toys
  • Portable high chairs (especially the ones that clip onto a table)
  • Carrying packs and sturdy strollers can be very helpful
  • For children who are potty training / in diapers, extra diapers and changes of clothes

Many of these items can be left in your child(ren)’s cubby. To prevent lost items, it is very helpful to have everything for your child contained in a bag or backpack. Please put your name on all your stuff to avoid confusion and loss!

What Not to bring

We prefer to keep “war toys” (soldiers, guns, etc.), electronic toys, and hand-held devices (laptop/tablet, mp3 player, phone) out of the YPP. Most families find it easiest to leave them at home.

Parent Chores

All adults at Camp are required to do chores. If you are a parent of a young child (5 or younger), you have the option of doing some of your chores in the YPP. Single parents of young children can do all of their chores in the YPP.

During registration you can sign up to do chore shifts in the YPP. You’ll need to schedule shifts with YPP Staff. Parent chores in the YPP include supervising small groups of children, tidying up a cabin, cleaning a bathroom, or preparing snacks.